mweb bad

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    Mweb Stay Away!!!

    Hi I have a account with MWEB where they host my fiber line and act as my ISP. I would like to warn everybody out there that they do not deliver om what they set out do when you signup. I have a 40Mpbs Fiber line and between 7-9PM they throttle me back so much my internet is useless. On a...
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    ISP Comparisons

    Some interesting info in the Link, even though some of the info is not entirely recent. I Have been with Mweb for a year (contract) , They have to be the Worst ISP I have ever come across...
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    Upload speeds from different ISPs?

    Hi all I've got some questions about what kind of upload speeds I can expect from the different ISPs. I was under the impression that one could be expect 512Kbps when you have accounts with speeds above 1Mbs. It's not made very clear on most ISPs' websites what you can expect your upstream...
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    MWEB Uncapped is inferior. Go with Telkom Uncapped

    WAY inferior.