Upload speeds from different ISPs?


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Jul 21, 2006
Hi all

I've got some questions about what kind of upload speeds I can expect from the different ISPs. I was under the impression that one could be expect 512Kbps when you have accounts with speeds above 1Mbs.

It's not made very clear on most ISPs' websites what you can expect your upstream rate to be by package, although the current ISP I'm with, MWEB, limits it at 256Kbps on my 1Mbps line. I never actually even realised that, I just assumed it would be 512Kbps back when I signed up. No wonder my video calling experience has been so abominable :mad:. I want to upgrade to a 2mbps account, but only their Premium 2mbps account offers 512kbps up and I think the price they charge is pretty poor compared to their competitors (and from what I've read, the non-premium 2mbps account stinks and is still only 256kbps up).

Can I expect the same limiting of my upload speeds on a non-premium/business/whatevertheywanttocallit account from the other ISPs? Can those who have a line speed capable of 512Kbps and 1mbps+ accounts comment on whether they get those speeds from their ISPs? Rolling windows aren't acceptable to me either, so I have zero interest in WebAfrica and Axxess (they already lost my business in the past for their loose interpretations of "uncapped"). I am mostly interested in Afrihost and Openweb and maybe PLuGG, although I am a bit wary of newer ISPs.