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  1. P

    Router installation, upload speeds and support issues

    I ordered 5G for home premium on the 8th of May and received the CPE N5368X router on the 11th. Great service ! I spent a lot of time looking for the ideal outdoor installation location. In some places the download speed is around 220 Mbps ! I found one place where both the 4G and 5G indicators...
  2. MrOpprtunity

    Low upload speeds with Telkom LTE

    Hi guys, I'm getting full bars on my HUAWEI B525 LTE router, download speeds between 10-15mbps but my upload speeds is non excistend. Using internal antenna on router, googled all the tips i could find, must i get an poynting external antenna or is there a setting i'm missing? Not a techie at...
  3. C

    Telkom LTE download great but upload nothing

    Hi, We are streaming live church services and daily devotionals but have a problem with our Telkom upload speed. I have set the modem to 4g 1800Mhz and get download speeds regularly more than 30 Mbits/s but my upload is never more than 1. Here are some results. 9/8/2017 8:58 AM 19...
  4. O

    Wireless to Fibre/Satellite Options Cape Town?

    I'm busy putting feelers out there for experiences with any fibre alternative in Cape Town. Looking for any isp/package that offers any upload speed that's upwards from at least 2mb. Have 2 users in my household, one for business in the entertainment industry (not too heavy use though...
  5. Budza

    Best ADSL Upload Speed

    I'm looking for the cheapest 1MB upload speed, if that's still the max for ADSL? More than that would be great too, if still ADSL. Can't seem to see UL mentioned anywhere on Telkom site or any of the bandwidth provider sites :( AFAIK, 4MB is .5MB up and 10MB is 1MB up. There are 6MB and 8MB...
  6. K

    Upload speed - Telkom or ISP

    Hi I am on a 10meg line with Telkom. 6meg with Mweb. My download speed is great at 6meg. My upload is only 0.2meg. That is very low. (I know that upload is supposed to be lower at a max of +- 1meg.) Now who controls this upload speed? Telkom or Mweb. I am getting nowhere with...
  7. F

    Telkom fibre line: unusable upload speeds

    I have just installed a 40Mbps Telkom fibre line. Get download speeds of 35Mbps but upload speed is less than 1Mbps. This upload speed is less than that on my backup 10Mbps ADSL line! Is this normal? Can't work in the cloud at this speed or do offline backups. Even Skype struggles.
  8. J

    Questions on upload rates in South Africa, who has control over this?

    Hi guys, recently i have been having a look at all the internet speed upgrades becoming available etc etc etc. Something interesting has caught my eye, and its that our upload speeds are horrible across the board regardless of your internet package, some say this is telkoms issue to sort out...
  9. Jan

    The best mobile broadband speeds in South Africa – Ookla

    Where you will get the best mobile broadband speeds in SA The revamped Ookla Net Index website reveals in which areas, and from which operator, you will get the highest average mobile broadband speeds.
  10. C

    Afrihost trade download for upload speed?

    Hi I live in Benmore Gardens and pretty soon I'll be getting my 4Mb line upgraded to 10Mb. I'm with Afrihost and I was wondering if there might be an option to maybe sacrifice part of your download speed for more upload. I think that this may be a stupid question but oh well. Any help would be...
  11. H

    Upload speeds from different ISPs?

    Hi all I've got some questions about what kind of upload speeds I can expect from the different ISPs. I was under the impression that one could be expect 512Kbps when you have accounts with speeds above 1Mbs. It's not made very clear on most ISPs' websites what you can expect your upstream...
  12. rpm

    ADSL ISP account speeds in SA compared

    Fastest ADSL ISP accounts in SA revealed 2010 Broadband Survey sheds light on which ADSL ISP’s accounts offer the highest local and international speeds
  13. K

    Is it worth buying a "Hi Speed" 24MBDown/3MBUp ADSL Modem?

    I have just installed (well tomorrow to be honest) a 4MB Telkom line for 100% dedicated online FPS gaming (no phone, plug into PS3 and nothing else needed or wanted!). I do not want to compromise with anything when it comes to speeds or ping/latency, so my next search was for the "current best"...
  14. iBurst

    iBurst Speed Test Results

    Hi guys I would love to compare some speed test results taken by yourselves from various locations, times etc. I put together a lists of test I would like done. These tests should be done straight after one another to be able to give me a accurate comparison. 1) iBurst speed test...
  15. X

    HSDPA download speeds but GPRS upload speeds?????

    Hi guys, i have run numerous tests on www.speedtest.net and the vodacom speed test page and all my download speed results are great averaging 1400kbps BUT!!!!!! my upload speeds never go over 60kbps. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Also my ping has been more unstable lately at all times...
  16. rpm

    ADSL upload speed increased

    ADSL upload speed increased