1. awvince

    Rights and privileges on MyBB

    Hello there, Who do I contact to have my rights and privileges updated on MyBB? Thanks
  2. N

    Updated site: MyBB comments off by default

    Uou may have noticed that you now have to manually show the Disqus comments on a particular article by clicking on the applicable button. I don't really like this behaviour, and so I wrote a simple user-style that forces it to show...
  3. O

    Sycing Professional email to save on gmail email

    Hi I need advice. I want to get my business professional email and stop using or onedrive? I see the cheapest package comes with 300 MB. Is there a way to set the emails to save on my email? Just to ensure that I don't fill up the 300 MB? Many thanks.
  4. NeonNinja

    Tech Journalist Wanted (MyBB)

    So I see this on FB and it's not posted here:
  5. Archer

    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread

    A place for all of you mybb'ers on two wheels. Whether it's to commute, lazy Sunday rides or off into the bush, riding tips, training, the right gear to wear, anything at all regarding our two wheel machines :D And for those of you in the Cape Town area, lets organise a ride somewhere in the...
  6. NeonNinja

    10,000 posts!

    Ok, what do I win!? :D
  7. NeonNinja

    I breathe MyBroadband

  8. J

    Nail the trolls

    So freedom of speech yes, but does it add value if people just troll and bring nothing to the discussion? In the end the people with a valuable opinion just stay away because of the trolls and the whole thread (apart from the original post where e.g. a good question is asked) is of no use...
  9. K

    Journalists reporting NOT up to scratch these days...

    The more I read newspapers, the more I want to cry. :eek: I feel these days that some stories are really not well thought out or planned in newspapers. Is there a lack of content? especially the Beeld (not that I am an avid afrikaans reader, but on occasions I read it) their stories are just...
  10. S

    MyBB Poll on Front Page - incorrect poll statistics

    Hi. This morning I discovered that the stats in the Poll on the front page of the MyBB website are wrong. Grab your calculator, and tell me if they make sense: Totaling the YES and NO votes doesn't add up to the total. Calculating the percentages of each answer also doesn't add up. The...
  11. X

    Do you remember a mybb without do you remember threads?

    A mybb that only had the odd nostalgic discussion, a mybb that had no iPad 3 competitions, a mybb that will hopefully return to us after the 27th of april.....
  12. S

    X "raises the question as to" Y

    This thread raises the question as to who RPM's English teacher was Getting a bit tired of reading articles here on MyBB that make use of the phrase "raises the question". Here are some recent examples: Source: Toshiba South Africa shows 200% sales growth Source: Cable theft: where does all...
  13. Jan

    MyBroadband Wikipedia page needs work I would do this myself, but since I've become a MyBB staff writer I don't feel comfortable making changes to the MyBroadband Wikipedia page. I'm not opposed to the Wikipedia page discussing the "controversies" (read: forum drama) that've accompanied...
  14. NeonNinja

    Can't access MyBB on Cell C!

    I haven't done any change in my connection at all. When I try connect to the site, it time sout and displays connection reset on Firefox. Trying to connect via IP same thing. Rally don't kno what's going on. I'm now using MTN Anyways here's a traceroute: Cell C DNS:
  15. J

    the articles read very difficult on a bb - request 2 post complete articles in forum

    the articles on read very difficult on a blackberry yes, i should upgrade to iphone/android/the best phone, but im stuck with the blackberry. the forums read very easily downwards, i dont have to scroll left and right and wait 10 seconds for the screen to refresh every time i...
  16. Ockie

    Rise up my fellow Blackberry drones and demand our App!

    Right my fellow Blackberry peeps. It is time that we stand up and be counted! The Iphone people:sick: have now got a mybb app for their phones. The time has come that we stand up and demand equal rights for our phones! Whos with me??? :D
  17. S

    MyBB Forum Login page, Firefox, and saving passwords.

    I am trying to get Firefox to remember my darn MyBB forum username and password, and it just doesn't want to play nicely. WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY!!!!!!!!? This is really frustrating. I am using Firefox 3.6.8. If I login in the the myBB forums, using the login boxes at the top of each forum page...
  18. S

    RSS feeds on MyBB: Individual Category Feeds not working

    Hi. I'm trying to subscribe to inidividual news categories on the main MyBB website. However, the RSS Feeds Page seems broken. Only the main news feed works.
  19. T

    WTF? Is MyBB being hosted on International??

    Just noticed ('cos I'm using routesentry) all the trafiic I'm doing on the MyBB site is going over my Int. account? It's never done this before that I've noticed, is it something wrong with Route Sentry?