1. jes

    Top websites in SA - November 2011 edition

    Top websites in SA - November 2011 edition Latest Effective Measure/DMMA statistics reveal the largest South African websites in November 2011
  2. Jan

    MyBroadband Wikipedia page needs work I would do this myself, but since I've become a MyBB staff writer I don't feel comfortable making changes to the MyBroadband Wikipedia page. I'm not opposed to the Wikipedia page discussing the "controversies" (read: forum drama) that've accompanied...
  3. S

    MyBroadband Blackberry application

    iPhone and Android application available, Why no BlackBerry application? MyBroadband always runs articles stating that BlackBerry has the largest market share of smartphones in South Africa yet they completely forgot to make an app for BlackBerry? :wtf:
  4. jes

    MyBroadband tops 1 million monthly readers

    MyBroadband tops 1 million monthly readers MyBroadband attracted over 1 million unique monthly visitors in October 2011, with over 6 million page views
  5. jes

    Rate your broadband provider and stand a chance to win an iPad 2

    Rate your broadband provider and stand a chance to win an iPad 2 Mybroadband’s August 2011 Broadband Survey is live, inviting you to rate your broadband service and vote for the Broadband Person of the Year
  6. T

    Login to help

    I don't know why, but i can't login to using my forum account. Is this not possible, ie. do i have to sign-up all over again or is this a typo on my side? thanks
  7. jes

    Win an iPad 2 - MyBroadband competition

    Win an iPad 2 - MyBroadband competition All you have to do to enter is register and comment on one of the news articles
  8. R

    MyBroadband app crashes on iPhone

    The MyBroadband app keeps on crashing when I scroll through the posts in the forum. It does however not quit completely, as it is still listed as an active app when double-clicking the home button. Anyone else experiencing this? Phone has iOS 4.3.3 on it and has not been jailbroken. This is...
  9. LazyLion

    How many times have you had to clear your Private Messages store on MyBB?

    It holds 1000 messages (inbox and sent items). This is the third time I have had to clear it! :D You guys must love me all the PMs you send me. BUT, one nice feature I have now discovered is that you can now download all of your PMs in various formats. That's great, cos I know there is a...
  10. Derrick

    MyBroadband growth continues

    MyBroadband has again broken the previous month’s traffic record, recording 582 818 Unique Monthly Visitors and serving 2 876 572 pages in March. The majority of visitors – 57.39% – used Internet Explorer to view the site, with Firefox accounting for 35.30% and Opera for 3.88%. When it...
  11. Derrick

    MyBroadband cements its position as the premier IT Website in South Africa

    MyBroadband has yet again notched up more than 2 Million page views and was visited by 264 563 unique monthly browsers during July. served 2 059 632 pages to 264 563 unique visitors – mostly South Africans – last month, making it by far the most popular IT Related website in...
  12. Derrick

    MyBroadband’s busiest month ever

    MyBroadband continues to show strong growth in both unique monthly visitors and page views, and its October 2007 stats are the best ever for the website. During October served 2,185,877 to 288,749 Unique Monthly Visitors. The majority of MyBroadband’s traffic comes from...
  13. Derrick

    MyBroadband Conference celebrates 5 years

    The annual MyBroadband Conference has been going for 5 years and the 12th of November saw a bigger turn out than ever. Over 500 delegates from the IT and other related industries were in attendance. Each year we are able to attract more delegates who are keen to hear what the industry...
  14. Derrick

    MyBroadband shows great August 2007 website stats

    MyBroadband’s August 2007 traffic stats kept above 2 Million page views and 250 000 Unique Visitors. According to our latest Google Analytics stats, served 2,090,432 pages to 262,663 Unique Visitors in August. The average time spend on the site is 13 minutes 36 seconds. The...
  15. jes

    MyBroadband contributes to Nashua Mobile's Smartphone video reviews

    MyBroadband contributes to Nashua Mobile's Smartphone video reviews Some weeks ago Nashua Mobile made video reviews of popular smartphones available on the their site, including reviews by a MyBroadband journalist
  16. Derrick

    MyBroadband breaks through 300 000 Unique Visitors mark

    MyBroadband has for the first time broken the 300 000 unique monthly visitor barrier and also served over 2.3 Million pages in November. MyBroadband served 2 357 557 pages to 312 179 Unique Visitors during November (we are using Google Analytics as a web metrics system). The website is...
  17. Derrick

    MyBroadband shows healthy growth

    During January 2008 served a total of 2,815,700 pages to 466,574 Absolute Unique Visitors (measured by Google Analytics). This is a significant jump from the December 2007 totals of 371,443 Unique Visitors and 2,057,051 page views. When compared with January 2007 the website...
  18. H

    MyBroadband & Search Engine Results

    Questions asked on this forum show up in Google results the very same day. Why do they show up so quickly? Here is an example:- where does Ster Kinekor buy its pop corn spice? 2 Nov 2010 ... i love the spice, and want to get some of my own. where does Ster Kinekor buy its pop corn spice...
  19. jes

    MyBroadband iPhone and Android forum apps launched

    MyBroadband iPhone and Android forum apps launched MyBroadband and MyGaming join the smartphone app revolution by releasing iPhone and Android forum apps
  20. R

    MyBroadband Conference 2010: Great speakers

    MyBroadband Conference 2010: The best ever speaker line-up 2010 MyBroadband Conference speaker list reads like a who’s who in the local broadband market