1. LazyLion

    Research satellite could crash in SA LOL @ all the fear mongering! :D yes, it could hit South Africa... but it could also hit a million other places. :D
  2. jes

    Solar flare could disrupt Earth communications

    Solar flare could disrupt Earth communications An unusual solar flare observed by a NASA space observatory on Tuesday could cause some disruptions to satellite communications and power on Earth over the next day or so.
  3. jes

    NASA unveils four-person deep space vessel

    NASA unveils four-person deep space vessel The US space agency revealed plans Tuesday for a new spacecraft designed to carry astronauts to distant destinations and eventually to Mars
  4. Derrick

    NASA gives crew safety tips

    From AFP: NASA on Tuesday recommended additional shuttle safety measures to improve crew survival rates during an accident, in a final report on the 2003 Columbia tragedy that killed seven astronauts. After a highly detailed description of the final moments of the seven astronauts when...
  5. G

    Company is first to return spacecraft from orbit
  6. Derrick

    NASA to get classified rocket technology in new race to the moon

    The web is abuzz about a new space race between the USA and China as to who will get to put man on the moon again the soonest. According to the US President Elect, Barack Obama will be making it a personal priority to break down the barriers between NASA and the Pentagon in order...
  7. S

    Mars Spirit rover gives up the ghost as Nasa abandons space vehicle in sand trap.

    6 years and 12 miles - well done Spirit! :p :)
  8. M

    NASA Moon Crash Found 'Significant Amount' of Water

  9. M

    Early warning system misses asteroid that caused explosion 3x larger than Hiroshima

  10. Creag

    Why Did NASA Bomb the Moon?

    The Source Any of your own theories? :D
  11. M

    NASA Downgrades Asteroid-Strike Threat

  12. G

    A Rocket for the 21st Century
  13. LazyLion

    Water Found on the Moon! More at the link....
  14. LazyLion

    Return to Moon "Not Viable" says report!
  15. M

    NASA Explains How Humans Would Get to Mars

  16. M

    NASA Surprise: Official Backs Cheaper Moon Rocket

  17. M

    NASA's mission: Can we live on the moon?

    Full article
  18. D

    Saturn Aurora
  19. M

    Astronauts Say Goodbye to Hubble for Good

  20. M

    NASA Backs Off From Permanent Moon Base