1. J

    Huawei B535-932 LTE CPE Router

    For Sale Item name (be very descriptive): Huawei B535-932 LTE CPE Router Age and condition: Brand new (Sealed) Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes Reason for selling: Add on from an upgrade, not needed Price: R1500 Negotiable: No Location: East Rand Shipping or collection: Collection...
  2. RedViking

    Forum Alert Issue

    If you have experienced a temporary alert that disappears when you load a page, something like this: GIF: It seems to go away if you do the following: 1. Select alerts and "Show all..." 2. The select "Mark Read" 3. It will ask to "please confirm" The problem seemed to go away.
  3. Ecstatic Universe

    Learning to Cook

    What's the best way to learn to cook a good meal? I've been through some YouTube, some websites, etc. I want to impress the lady a bit :) Backstory: Relatively fresh / new relationship and want to impress with some cooking.
  4. Mr G

    FS: Android 9.0 Tablet Duoduogo 10.1" 3GB RAM 32GB ROM - BRAND NEW

    Item name (be very descriptive): 10.1" Duoduogo Android tablet, white/gold colour with gold tablet case, brand new (imported with Amazon). Android 9.0, USB-C (US charger), 3GB/32GB, 1280*800 screen, 8500mAh battery, Dual sim + micro SD slots (up to 128gb), OTG cable, able to make/receive calls...
  5. joshtech7

    Has anyone used "Pocket deal"?

    I've discovered the site ( and was curious to know whether anyone had come across it before... If you have, i just have a few questions... is it true you can watch movies and series for free? and can the Pocket Deal Android Box be configured to watch DSTV & Supersport...
  6. GipsyD

    Audi S3 SB vs Toyota GT86 vs Focus ST3 - Daily Driver

    Hi all First post here, so be gentle. I'm currently looking at replacing my daily driver (E87 135i M Sport Coupe) of 3 years, and have about R500-R600K to play with. I'm looking for something sporty, something that will put a smile on my face every time I get in and turn the key. I've narrowed...