1. Joseph matane

    Solid State Battery

    A solid-state battery is a battery technology that uses solid electrodes and a solid electrolyte, instead of the liquid or polymer gel electrolytes found in lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries. ... Solid-state batteries have found use in pacemakers, RFID and wearable devices. Do you think...
  2. Joseph matane

    GridCars electric vehicle charging station

    Hey Guys I could like to ask few questions anyone who has knowledge regarding EVs can respond Do government have regulations regarding how much can electric vehicle charging station charge client per Kwh? Because it seems GridCars and partners have increased prices recently based on their live...
  3. Z

    FS: NISSAN NP200 1.5DCi

    2009 Nissan NP200 1.5 DCi Very Good Condition Mileage: 179 xxx kms Safety Pack with Extras Factory Fitted Mags Electric Windows and Mirrors Central Locking Air-con Fogs Power Steering Tonneau Cover Rubberized Bin Tyres Almost New Spare keys and books Price: 89,900- Contact: 083-265-6668
  4. Ivan Leon

    Uzi Nissan, Internet Domain Owner Who Fought Nissan In Court For A Decade, Has Died Of Covid-19

    Read the full article at the link below:
  5. Ivan Leon

    Vauxhall Movano / Renault Master / Nissan NV400 LCV

    Vauxhall Movano - 'IT'S HAUL RIGHT NOW' - OSV Vauxhall may these days be wedded to the PSA Peugeot Citroen Group but its largest LCV, the Movano, was designed with Renault and is the same as a Renault Master (and a Nissan NV400) to all intents and purposes. This is by no means an unusual...
  6. GipsyD

    Where can I get a copy of Nissan UD's PC Consult 2 OBD Software?

    As the title suggests, I am currently digging around the web trying to find this software to scan my fleet of trucks, but have had no luck before. I have only been able to find PC Consult 3 Plus on the web, but not PC Consult 2. From what I understand about the situation, PC Consult 3 only works...
  7. Jamie McKane

    Nissan and BMW could be bringing electric cars to South Africa

    Nissan and BMW could be bringing electric cars to South Africa Nissan Motor Co., BMW AG and Volkswagen AG are among carmakers in talks to bring the electric-car revolution to South Africa, as the nation’s auto-factory floors risk being left behind in the global switch to greener vehicles. The...
  8. GipsyD

    Nissan 370z Local Aftermarket Navigation Unit Options?

    As the title suggests, the Nissan 370z Navigation Unit is widely regarded as being abysmal at best, and many people have resorted to fitting aftermarket solutions. That raises the question for me, what local aftermarket solutions are there for the Z? Are there any solutions available for the Z...
  9. K

    Mazda CX5 vs Nissan Xtrail

    So, I've being driving the same car for the past 13 years. I've never been a 3-5 year trade in type of guy. I'm afraid the 13 years might become 23 if I can't make up my mind pretty soon. I've brought down my options to 2 SUV's (my family is growing :ROFL:). 2016 Mazda CX 5 vs 2016 Nissan X...
  10. V

    Nissan Qashqai vs Renault Duster (used)

    Hi all... I'm interested in getting an SUV, but will have to buy used. I'm currently looking at the Qashqai or Duster... any opinions from people who have owned either of these will be appreciated.
  11. L

    Nissan Gtr Catalytics

    Good day, Willing to pay R1000 min for any scrap or de catted GTR cats. I am willing to buy all other makes of catalytic converters as well. Please do contact me. 081 552 9454 Rami ( Whatsapp Available)
  12. Ivan Leon

    Nissan Canada's Finance Unit Reports Data Breach That Could Impact More Than 1M

    Nissan Canada’s finance arm is notifying more than one million customers of a data breach that led to personal information being accessed by at least one unauthorised person. The precise number of customers affected by the breach isn’t immediately known, but Nissan’s reaching out to all...
  13. Newsfeed

    The new Nissan X-Trail launches in South Africa

    The new Nissan X-Trail launches in South Africa Nissan’s new X-Trail has launched in South Africa, offering impressive off-road capabilities and comfort.
  14. Ivan Leon

    Nissan To Recall All New Cars Sold In Japan In Last 3 Years

    Nissan Motor Co Ltd will recall all 1.2 million new passenger cars it sold in Japan over the past three years after discovering final vehicle inspections were not performed by authorised technicians, it said on Monday. The recall is the second major misconduct incident involving a Japanese...
  15. Newsfeed

    Nissan unveils latest driver-assist tech

    Nissan unveils latest driver-assist tech Nissan has unveiled new ProPILOT Assist developments, which enhance driving by making vehicles more intelligent.
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    The all-new Nissan Navara is a luxurious and rugged beast

    The all-new Nissan Navara is a luxurious and rugged beast Nissan has launched its all-new Navara in South Africa, and it boasts impressive durability and performance.
  17. Ivan Leon

    Nissan Qashqai owners driven to distraction by engine failures
  18. C

    Trade in Chev Utility 1.4 base a/c for Nissan 1.5dCi base a/c + safety?

    I currently drive a Chev Utility 1.4 base a/c. I am not too impressed with the fuel consumption and I am thinking of trading it in for a Nissan NP200 1,5dCi. Does anyone have experience with both cars? Do you think it is worth it to trade my Chev Utility in?
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    Nissan BladeGlider high-performance electric vehicle

    Nissan BladeGlider high-performance electric vehicle Nissan has unveiled a working prototype of its futuristic Nissan BladeGlider, combining zero emissions with high performance.
  20. M

    Choosing between Nissan NP200 and Chevrolet Utility

    Hi I am currently shopping for a used small bakkie, sth like Nissan NP 200 or Chevrolet Utility 1.4 I have heard good things about Chevrolet Utility 1.4. Light of petrol was my first impression. I bed to know more before buying. I am operating on a very shoe string budget and I'm going...