no connectivity

  1. R

    Unable to access mobile data : Vodacom

    I am in desperate need of help - I am unable to connect to certain webpages on mobile (currently an iPhone 6+). I cannot for example access, but I can get onto I can't get onto or news24. I cannot stream on Apple Music. Until recently I could send...
  2. EnchanterG

    Web Africa - Poor service, terrible fault resolution

    I have been a happy customer of Web Africa for about 3 years now. In all that time I have had no reason to complain about them. Sadly, in the past 6 months there has been a noticeable decline in the level of their service and the quality of their connection. On April the 3rd my internet...
  3. B

    iPhone 5 Cell C connectivity problems

    Hi guys I have been experiencing a problem for quite a while now with my data connectivity when in certain areas... like WITS. I would have good 3G reception, but no connectivity whatsoever. And the same thing goes for EDGE connectivity. When this happens, I'm forced to manually roam onto the...
  4. T

    Mweb extremely slow

    Hi, i'm on the bundled 4mb uncapped contract. For the past 2 weeks the line has been dropping regularly for about 10sec or so. This is extremely frustrating if you are a healer in a mmorpg. At first I thought it was the game server, but I figured out it was Mweb. Worse of all, last night I...