1. M

    Vodacom number has call divert from shared rate 086 number that I didn't set up

    Someone called an unknown (to me) 086 shared rate number that they found somewhere on the internet presumably, and it was diverted to my Vodacom number. I never set up any call diverts on the number, but it is used for business, e.g. Google My Business, Google Ads campaigns, website and...
  2. B

    MTN to Vodacom Port Declined

    Hi all! A few days ago, I cancelled my MTN contract and moved to MTN prepaid. I confirmed that prepaid is active with the MTN call center, and in store, and I am able to use my phone on prepaid now. I went to a Vodacom store yesterday (and again today) to request to have my number ported...
  3. C

    Port Cell number to VOIP?

    Hey there I'm not sure if this has been asked before (I did search but didn't find anything - could have used the wrong keywords), but my cellphone contract is expiring and was thinking of possibly doing the following: Porting from CellC over to MTN(CellC is quite shocking - had two...
  4. ands45

    Skype Online Number query

    Hi I currently have a telkom phone line for my business and am looking at trying out a skype online number as this would suit my needs better. I do not want to loose/change my current phone number so I was thinking I would just forward all the calls to my new skype number. I am just...
  5. T

    Ported Vodacom number to MTN and now number starts with 273

    Hi there, I recently ported my old Vodacom number to MTN and today someone told me something strange about my number. Instead of the usual 2782, it starts with 2738 I haven't noticed it before and have no idea how long it's been like this Also they say, when they call me the line...
  6. C

    Call Divert

    I have 2 sim cards, 1 MTN and 1 Vodacom. I only want to carry my Vodacom sim but everyone calls me on my MTN number. Will it work if I use call divert on the MTN sim so that all calls are forwared to the Vodacom sim and I can answer them as normal. If it will work will I be charged? If yes, from...
  7. J

    Number swapping.

    Question for any vodacom okes who troll this forum: Vodacom say they can change my cell number on my Vodacom contract for R285.00, but can only change it to a brand new number that has never been used. If I have a prepaid Vodacom number that I would like to use, why can't they give that number...
  8. S

    Papegaaiberg Hills

    Hi Im looking to get onto the Papegaaiberg hill near Stellenbosch. Does anyone have a contact name & number. Would really appreciate it. Thanks
  9. M

    Number portability question

    I always thought that as long as you keep your SP you can keep your number and change networks, but if you change SP's, you can't keep your number. Somebody told me the other day that you can change networks and SP's and still keep your number. Can someone please clarify for me. Thanks.
  10. T

    FYI : MWeb POP acces number change

    For those who still uses the old Mweb POP numbers, take note that the new number to use is 0860 28 6932 Regards Libs
  11. LazyLion

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