1. Kevin Lancaster

    What Rio 2016 venues look like six months after the Olympics

    What Rio 2016 venues look like six months after the Olympics It’s been six months since the Rio 2016 Olympic Games ended, and facilities which hosted events have fallen into disrepair.
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Will Super Mario ever be an Olympic sport?

    Will Super Mario ever be an Olympic sport? Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s appearance as Super Mario in the closing ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games delighted audiences around the world. It also hinted at the exciting possibility that eSports – or video games, as they’re...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    The Rio Olympics are a test case for the future of sports broadcasting

    The Rio Olympics are a test case for the future of sports broadcasting Sport has been seen as a potential saviour of broadcast television’s “mass” audience. One of sport’s main virtues is that people want to watch it live, which gives broadcasters a mass audience that can be sold on to...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Over 1,000 US spies protecting Rio Olympics

    Over 1,000 US spies protecting Rio Olympics US intelligence agencies have assigned over 1,000 spies to Rio Olympic security, according to a report by NBC.
  5. J

    Wikipedia became primary Olympic news source

    Wikipedia grabs Olympic gold Wikipedia’s prompt and accurate posts garner the attention of the news-seeking community
  6. antowan

    Did Semenya hold back at the 800m final?

    I cannot believe nobody in the mainstream media is talking about this. Did she or didn't she hold back for silver in the 800, final at the Olympics? Sure as hell looked like it to me!
  7. G

    So what happens to those Chinese Olympians afterwards...?

    Or any other Olympians for that matter, was the question that popped up in my head as I waited for my food last night. All those years, all that training. Can you invest and eat Glory? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/china/8645237/Top-Chinese-gymnast-found-begging-on-the-street.html
  8. LazyLion

    Malema defends Team SA

  9. J

    Tweets towards Olympic swimmer end in arrest

    Man arrested over Olympic tweets Malicious tweets cause a UK man to be arrested
  10. J

    Apps take centre stage at the Olympics

    Apps for the 2012 Olympic Games Mobile apps step into the limelight for the 2012 Olympic Games
  11. J

    Twitter and mobile web break down Olympic TV coverage

    Tweet overload affects Olympic TV coverage Excessive Tweeting and mobile internet usage resulted in disrupted TV coverage of the Olympic games over the weekend
  12. C

    The Olympic Thread of "Go Team South Africa!"

    The Games offically start on Friday with the opening ceremony, but the football tournement tomorrow. Team South Africa is made up of 125 people, taking part in 17 sports. I'll try to post South African results and TV times for events our athletes are taking part in. Banyana Banyana are the first...
  13. J

    Twitter brings Olympic spirit to social media

    Twitter teams up with the Olympics Twitter, along with NBC Universal, are bringing the social media experience of the Olympics to users
  14. W

    Watching Olympics with DSTV

    Hi, To watch the London Olympics I'm planning to upgrade my DSTV to Premium package during the events. The question is: Can I watch HD channels with my standard decoder in SD? Or I won't be able to watch at all and therefore miss the games on the HD channels? Thanks in advance.
  15. McT

    SA hockey men secure London ticket

    Congratulations fellows! All the best in London! :) http://www.supersport.com/xtra/xtra/news/120506/SA_hockey_men_secure_London_ticket
  16. T

    Vista's dead, right? Not so... London 2012 Olympics will run on Vista.

    Found this on El Reg : Poor techies :D I'm so glad I don't have to support that kludge... :D:D Sauce : http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/10/07/2012_olympics_vista/
  17. jes

    Norton warns of Olympic cybercriminals

    Norton warns of Olympic cybercriminals Online search engine results riddled with over 1500 malicious web links, fake ticket confirmations discovered by Norton
  18. M

    Rugby & Golf Olimpic Sport (again)

    Rugby & Golf has been included as Olimpic sports (again). This is good! Now we just need to win the Olympic gold medal and were done! Link
  19. P

    Genius hacker uncovers Olympic scam (allegedly)...

    The controversy of the Chinese Female Olympic Gymnastics team has been reopened yesterday when an elite search engine hacker called stryde.hax, uncovered documents from the website of General Administration of Sport of China. The documents apparently mentioned that the real ages of the 3...
  20. DJ...

    Is there a prize for most last positions?

    Because we would win it hands down! I have never heard the word 'disappointment' used more often than in the Olympic Blitz Bulletins on Supersport! :rolleyes: But don't worry guys, its the participation that counts...