1. jes

    OpenBrowse - 4 Mbps Uncapped ADSL for R389

    OpenBrowse - 4 Mbps Uncapped ADSL for R389 Openweb launches uncapped ADSL offering starting from R98 per month
  2. rpm

    Axxess Uncapped ADSL: R99 per month

    Uncapped ADSL: R99 per month Axxess launches their “Just Surf” Uncapped Internet accounts, starting at only R99 per month; Openweb responds within hours
  3. Kloon


    Was thinking of trying this, just want to know how it works? Must I use the openrouter software they provide me with on each pc or can I dial a pptp asuming its like a vpn from my router to give all the pcs access on my network?
  4. H

    openweb experience and disconnects.

    I would like to know if any1 else having the problem where your account at openweb suddenly disconnects? In the past I phoned and they mailed me through my account details and sumhow my password for my account changed whiched caused me to disconnect. This has happened twice last year and...