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    MCSE & MCSA training evening or part time cape town

    Hi Everyone. I was wondering if there is such an training facility, that does evening classes for MCSE and MCSA or maybe on weekends in cape town or surrounds? I know this question is a long shot but taking that into account, I was still wondering if someone maybe knew. Also there is then the...
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    Part time senior software engineer for hire - updated

    Ok guys, lots of views but no hits. I removed the hourly rate. I willing to negotiate on rate. I am trying to get a side gig going so I am flexible in that regard. Please contact me to have a discussion. I am sure I can provide great value. I'm a senior software engineer with 12+ years...
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    Part-time Software development study advice

    Hi Gents, I don't normally post much so excuse me if I miss any lingo or accepted practices here; Obviously as per the title I'm interested in studying software development part-time. I work in what I'd consider(I'm a newbie so please forgive) a neighbouring field with networking and I'm...
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    Should I register a business?

    Hi. I have a daytime job but will start doing after hours IT support for another company soon. It will probably only be a couple of hours a month. Should I register a CC or something else or is it possible to be employed by two companies? I have no real experience with tax so please bear...
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    C# and SQL Part Time Developers Required - All experience levels

    I have a small software development business and I am looking for a developer or two to do some part time work for me as my load is increasing. There is no particular experience level that I am looking for. A few scenarios are: * You are in school and over 16 and want explore a career in...
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    Linux training

    Hi I need someone who is patient, has good presentation skills and is knowledgeable on Linux to deliver 10 days of training using courseware from a reputable vendor. Hours: 9pm to 4pm Lunch provided Rate negotiable Drop me a message