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  1. P

    22 (Old) PC Games - Sale

    Age and condition: +/- 12-17 years, good condition Packaging: Some games are in their original packaging and some games are stored in a CD folder (and the serial keys required for some of those discs are on a piece of paper inside the CD folder) Reason for selling: I need the money Price: R350...
  2. F

    Overwatch (Blizzard Game) Cant connect to server via Telkom LTE

    Hi Guys. Im trying to find out of anyone has the same issue. I cant connect to the Overwatch Servers. When I log into the game its says "Entering Game" and then "Lost connection". Switching to my phones internet as a hotspot, it has no issues logging in. I have added a Route trace below but I...
  3. Polymathic

    The Premium PC Games For Free Thread

    This is thread is for informing members of giveaways of Free PC games. Whenever you come across of any of these giveaways please post it here. Right Now Shadow Warrior 2 is free on GOG for the next 40 hours: https://www.gog.com/game/shadow_warrior_2
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    How to play PC games using a PSVR headset

    How to play PC games using a PSVR headset Virtual reality gaming is an expensive hobby for PC owners, with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive boasting impressive specifications and high prices.
  5. D

    Selling Old PC Games

    Hi All, Wanted to check if it is at all possible to sell old PC games. I have a couple of PC Disk games but I'm not sure what the restriction is with regards to cd keys/licenses and the different accounts you have to activate them on. Is there way to sell them?
  6. Gokuofuin

    Power of Will gets local article in Telkom Gaming!

    Hey Fellow Saffers! Just popping in to share this amazing news (from my point of view anyway) is that our game Power of Will just received its first local article in Telkom Gaming by Sam Hawes! Really stoked about knowing that there are locals who are also looking forward to the game...
  7. B

    Graphics Card Special

    Visit our website for more amazing offers and technological hardware http://b-technology.co.za/
  8. LazyLion

    Does anybody have "The Lord of the Rings: Conquest" for me? (PC DVD-ROM)

    Does anybody have "The Lord of the Rings: Conquest" for me? (PC DVD-ROM) please? My kids loved this game and keep asking me to play it again. If you have an old copy lying around at home somewhere please consider selling it to me? tks!
  9. L

    GTA: Episodes From Liberty City Pre-order? [PC/PS3]

    So I've been looking into pre-ordering Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City that comes with both The Lost & Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Release date is set for the 16/17th of April. As far as I have heard these games are standalone and you don't even need GTAIV to play them. A...
  10. medicnick83

    "Indie" Games

    Hi all, 2 games you guys have to try; Foreign Legion Buckets of Blood & Zombie Driver. I got Foreign Legion Buckets of Blood a while back, they've updated it and now the game has levels, weapons, etc, very cool game! (I paid $5 then) Today, I got Zombie Driver for $10 and it's also a...
  11. S

    Rainbow Vegas Six 2 for PC

    Just got around to finishing the 1st one. Anyone know of any good deals on the sequel?
  12. D

    Upcoming PC Games

    Here are some titles to look forward 2... Diablo 3 StarCraft 2 Fallout 3 Crysis Warhead Red Alert 3 Sins of a Solar Empire Spore Tom Clancy's EndWar Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction World in Conflict : Soviet Assault Far Cry 2 World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King...