1. GipsyD

    Does Cylinder Deactivation help Fuel Savings - Jeep SRT8

    As the topic suggests.... One of my good mates is looking at getting a cheap (relatively) people mover for the family and himself, but can still put a smile on his face. One of the cars that has crossed his desktop screen is a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 (The new one, not the old boxy shape)...
  2. Jamie McKane

    Petrol price increase coming this month

    Petrol price increase coming this month The Automobile Association (AA) has quoted unaudited mid-month fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund, stating that a slight increase is expected at the end of this month. "The overall picture is of little change," the AA said. "The Rand has...
  3. Mist4h20

    Ford Bantam 1.3 advice needed

    Hi all, I'm wondering if I could get some input if possible, Ford Bantam Rocam 2006, engine has 89000ks. Was initially using Shell helix 15w40, no issues, changed oil and filter this time used Midas brand 15w40 (they assured me it was as good) car sounded okay at first but a day or two goes by...
  4. 12race

    Buying a used Lexus in South Africa - 2011 LEXUS IS 250 ES or EX

    First time poster, AMAZING platform I've been using for research for the last 6 years though! I'm hoping to open up a thread that can give some fresh and relevant info on owning a Lexus. Important facts like the average service costs, common problems (if any because so far all I'm finding is...
  5. Jamie McKane

    Filling your petrol tank past "first click"

    Filling your petrol tank past "first click" With petrol prices hovering around all-time highs in 2018, much advice on how to save petrol has been dispensed by one driver to another. One of the long-standing pieces of advice is "do not fill your tank past first click".
  6. M

    Naked man with sex toy stuck up his backside asks for help at filling station

    Naked man with sex toy stuck up his backside asks for help at filling station
  7. O

    Determining petrol litres left in a car tank

    Hi Everyone This question requires Mathematics understanding. I am curious. I drive honda jazz with 42 litres tank. The petrol gauge have 24 bars. 24th being 42 litres. When I was filling up the gauge arm was between the 2nd and 3rd arm and when the tank was full I subtracted the...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Fill your tank – South African petrol shortage coming

    Fill your tank – South African petrol shortage coming Motorists have been advised to fill their tanks, as fuel shortages are expected to hit South Africa soon.
  9. Sugarman

    Fuel price hike likely in July - AA

    After The Rates Hike, this is what we re getting Fuel price hike likely in July - AA
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    Petrol shortage crisis looming in South Africa: report

    Petrol shortage crisis looming in South Africa: report Strategic Fuel Fund chair Riaz Jawoodeen has warned that the risk of petrol and diesel shortages in South Africa could lead to an Eskom-like crisis.
  11. A

    Refuelling your car

    Hi All, Wondering how some of you fill up your cars? Do you fill up until the tank it literally full, or do you tell the attendant to stop when the petrol pumps has its 1st click? I've read up about this, including the manufacturers views, and they all say to stop at the 1st click. Filling my...
  12. S

    FuelDir - Beta Launch (Where to find the cheapest fuel)

    Hi Everyone, After being hard at work, and initially intending to launch this last year, I've decided to rework the entire platform and built it better, and bring out native mobile apps too! So for those who don't know, here's the previous thread: here In short, the platform will let you...
  13. Ivan Leon

    Jet fuel now cheaper than diesel in India!

    The price of aviation turbine fuel (jet fuel) has been cut steeply. In November 2014, the price of jet fuel fell by 30% and yesterday, by another 11.27%. While the earlier cut made it cheaper than petrol, the last cut has helped it slip below the price of diesel in the country. In Delhi...
  14. A

    keep e36 or buy i10?

    so with the rising petrol price I need to make a decision around keep or buying. I love driving the e36 but the petrol is costing me about R1600 monthly. I throw in R400 and get about 300 kilometers per week. only expenses has been occasional service, brakes and 2 tyres since I bought it about 4...
  15. O

    Have you calculated your daily commute?

    So I have always know the ball-park figure of money I spent on commuting to work and back home, but never really worked out the daily rate until today. This includes petrol, E-toll, Gautrain ticket and Gautrain parking, have not put a figure to "wear and tear" on the vehicle though... and it...
  16. NeonNinja

    Top 10 most fuel efficient cars in South Africa

    VW Polo 1.2 TDi BlueMotion and VW Golf 1.6Tdi Bluemotion The Polo wins it with an average of 3.4litres/100km, but I’ve added the bigger sibling from the group, which is astonishingly just behind its smaller counterpart at 3.8 litres/100km. The Polo will set you back R205,000, which isn’t...
  17. under_sky

    Petrol price is increasing again:( Received the article from here, the price for Feb is believed to increase. These are the figures According to a report on Fin24, petrol could go up by between 28c and 32c per litre, with diesel climbing 15c per litre and...
  18. D

    2001 VW Polo Classic - excessive fuel consumption

    I really have a very big problem. This polo is very heavy on fuel consumption. is there any way of reducing the fuel consumption. it is fuel injection so is there any way of hooking up the computer and lowering the amount of fuel used by this car? or what can i do?
  19. jes

    Petrol price decrease coming

    Petrol price decrease coming The price of petrol will decrease from midnight on Tuesday, 5 November.