1. Kevin Lancaster

    Beware of fake traffic fine SMS scam: SA Police

    Beware of fake traffic fine SMS scam: SA Police The SAPS has warned against a cellphone scam in which users receive a text message saying a case has been opened against them by the police.
  2. S

    Traffic Register Certificate -> Traffic Fine

    So on Saturday I was given infringement notice for not having with me the original Traffic Register Certificate (seeing that I'm a foreigner here) R1250 fine, or R500 if I go to the JMPD offices and present the documents. For now waiting to see if it will show up on the system, and most...
  3. skimread

    Why does bidorbuy not insist on laptop serials?

    I have been looking recently at bidorbuy and some sellers sell so many 2nd hand laptops daily for really cheap in these short 2 day auctions. On the items I checked they do list the market price but the items are typically sold for not even a 5th of the market value. When you google their...
  4. schumi

    ‘Spies infiltrated BDS campaign’

    More at:http://sbeta.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/western-cape/spies-infiltrated-bds-campaign-1955960
  5. medicnick83


    Hi all, Day 1 So yesterday I woke up - got ready to goto work - went to find out from my mom how she is feeling and remind and remind her that if she is not feeling better - I'm DRAGGING HER KICKING AND SCREAMING to hospital - instead, I found her dead. Let's be honest - I'm shocked and I...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Stop police brutality – give SAPS body cameras

    Stop police brutality – give SAPS body cameras Following the killing of criminal suspect Khulekani Mpanza by Krugersdorp police recently, there have been new calls for the use of police body cameras.
  7. S

    Police lost Accident Report

    Hi All (Apologies if this is in the wrong thread). We reported an accident in September and the police gave me an AR number (Accident report). The insurance paid me out. Now i want to do a RAF claim as well as the med aid wants to recover their costs. But the bumbling Douglasdale police...
  8. A

    WATCH: Shocking footage of alleged police brutality in Fourways emerges (* Graphic*)

    DOUGLASDALE – A video has emerged which depicts alleged police brutality by members of the Douglasdale Police. According to Anton and Shane (not their real names), who narrate their experiences with the police officers in the video, the incident occurred on 18 August at 3.30am in Pineslopes...
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    London to make police officers wear cameras

    London to make police officers wear cameras Most police in Britain’s capital will use body-mounted cameras by next March as the city plans to order 20 000 extra devices to help officers “fight crime and boost public confidence”.
  10. P

    Hey with a video =) (everybody loves videos!)

    Been a voyeur of broadband forum, however now i have decided to take the next step and post! =) The reason for posting? - Shed light on an event of Police incompetence that occurred with me (SAPS Douglasdale), my objective is to put this out as much as I can until something gets done...
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Police get Google Glass, facial recognition tech

    Police get Google Glass, facial recognition tech Dubai police plan to issue detectives with Google Glass hands-free eyewear to help them fight crime using facial recognition technology, a police spokesman in the wealthy Gulf Arab emirate said
  12. Q

    ATM Fraud- Thief made away with R62,000.

    Help anyone that reads this. A friend was at the ATM using a visa card from the Cayman islands on Sunday. A fraudster came and they had a scuffle and he made off with the card. My friend called visa to cancel the card immediately, also calling back again to double check. Because the Cayman...
  13. Lycanthrope

    Police Shoot and Kill Man Just 5 Minutes After He Makes a Cheerful Post on Facebook

    Source: The Free Thought Project This seems to be a daily occurrence out in the US.
  14. NeonNinja

    Crooks target online buyers

  15. I

    Convicted Colonel to finally serve jail sentence

  16. I

    Mooiplaas protesters stone police

  17. I

    Cops ‘robbed pair to pay for braai’

    http://www.iol.co.za/news/crime-courts/cops-robbed-pair-to-pay-for-braai-1.1573853 Cape Town - Four on-duty metro cops, including a sergeant, reportedly searched and assaulted two people, took money from them, and used the cash to buy meat for a braai on the beach. They were charged with...
  18. I

    Cop’s trial hears of teen’s night of rape

    How can South Africa teach their cops NOT to rape but protect the women? Ok, not all cops do it but still, I believe the government should do something about it. Ok OK Wishful thinking I know that too . . . http://www.iol.co.za/news/crime-courts/cop-s-trial-hears-of-teen-s-night-of-rape-1.1561992
  19. I

    Cops granted bail, then re- arrested

    Polokwane - Two policemen were re-arrested outside the Polokwane Magistrate's Court shortly after being released on bail, Limpopo police said on Tuesday. The two Germiston constables were arrested last Wednesday, in Polokwane, when they were found in possession of an unlicensed firearm and...
  20. LazyLion

    Fake Police arrested in KZN

    Three men have been arrested in Hillcrest, Durban, for impersonating police officers, KwaZulu-Natal police said on Thursday. "It is alleged that one of the suspects approached their victim with the full knowledge that two of his vehicles had been stolen at different occasions," said Colonel...