1. W

    Cooler Master Red / Black Universal Sleeved Extension Cable Kit - Sale

    Item: Cooler Master Red / Black Universal Sleeved Extension Cable Kit (incl. cable combs) Age: 3 months - connected to system but never used (see below) Price: R350 Warranty: Yes, Manufacturers Warranty (according to Wootware) Packaging: Yes complete Condition: Excellent Location: Cape Town...
  2. L

    PC not booting until I re-plug 24 pin connector

    My PC has starting to randomly cut power while playing games. When i reboot the PC only the PSU fans spin the rest is dead and wont boot until i have re-plugged the 24 pin connector on the motherboard. I have tried removing certain components but still gives the same problem. Any ideas what part...
  3. F

    PSU or Motherboard ?

    I have a problem with my PC: I was using it yesterday, then it just died out of the blue. The PSU made weird tapping sounds for a few weeks now. I've wanted to buy a new one anyway, because it's a cheapo 450W Huntkey that I got with the PC when I bought it 2nd hand in November, but I don't have...
  4. Rouxenator

    Gigabyte Odin GT GE-S550A-D1 550W Modular Power Supply [S]

    Item name (be very descriptive): Gigabyte Odin GT GE-S550A-D1 550W power supply. Read a review about it here : Age and condition: 2 years old, still works great, very clean and all cables and thermal sensors included as you...
  5. N

    Bad computer PSU?

    Hi folks...always find good advice in these pages but this time im stumped...well...hoping my psu or mobo isnt toast. My computer is essentially display or booting. I unplugged everything! And only attempted to power MB and case fans. If I switch the psu on at the back everything...
  6. A

    Semi modular or full modular psu

    Hey so my current psu just fried on me and I'm looking for a all white psu that is semi modular or full modular I've looked around and the only one I've been able to find is the aerocool 850w but have no idea if it's good or not and preferably 600+w I'f possible Cheers
  7. I

    Advice needed: PC upgrades

    Hi all, I am currently stumped as to which parts to upgrade. I'm not pushing for anything in particular, but some advice on my current rig would be awesome. I am also without a headset, so if someone could recommend a relatively good but not too pricey one, that too would be much appreciated...
  8. Rouxenator

    ITX Cases , Motherboard+CPU, ATX Power Supply, GFX card [S]

    Instead of having multiple listing I am just going to combine a lot of stuff I need to get rid of in one post. Feel free to combine them for discount. Item name: MSI AM1i Mini-ITX Motherboard + AMD Athlon 5350 Quad Core CPU + 8GB Corsair DDR3-1333 Memory. Features a Radeon HD8400 GPU...
  9. S

    PSU suggestions

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a PSU in the range of 500-600W, modular, and around R800. I've seen the Raidmax fulfill these requirements, but I've read some scary stuff about them, and despite the vast amount of positive ratings on Newegg, I'd be more trusting of a brand that offers 3 years warranty...
  10. G

    Will this GPU work with this PSU

    Hi all! I am looking to buy a new GPU and will need a new PSU then as well. The GPU I am looking at is the Club 3d RoyalKing R9 290 and the PSU is the Cooler Master B700
  11. M

    Clean Eskom power to my precious PC from Eskom

    Hi all. I'm having this discussion with a friend of mine regarding Eskom's ability to supply clean power to my PC. Now my understanding of Eksom is that their power supply to your PC is dubious at best and one needs a proper UPS to filter the bad power that you might receive from Eskom...
  12. B

    iburst power supply polarity

    Can someone confirm (or test) the polarity of the iburst desktop UTD power supply connector? My original PSU is dead and I have another PSU with a selectable voltage and polarity, but cannot test whether the centre pin is negative or positive (as it is dead), and it is not shown on original PSU...
  13. C

    Desktop PC - possible power saving problem

    Can anyone offer suggestions? Since yesterday my pc goes into power saving mode while I'm working on it. I've gone into windows (win 7 32bit) and disabled any form of power saver and screen saver. I could be watching Youtube or reading myBB posts (as happened earlier today) when my screen...
  14. O

    [Cape Town] Seeking ATX-350 PSU Replacement asap

    I'm not sure how long the fan in the psu has stopped working, but I've just noticed it and the PSU is burning up. Please let me know if you have replacement that I can collect on Friday 26 Oct 2012, in the Cape Town area. The PSU needs to have at least 4 SATA connectors Many Thanks
  15. mh348

    Replacement Power Supply for a HP ML110 G5 Server

    Has anyone replaced a Power Supply on a HP ML110 G5 server? It slightly bigger than a desktop Power Supply (physical size), so a desktop PSU won't fit properly, although it works on the server.. Where can I get a replacement that will fit correctly ?
  16. Pho3nix

    PSU Needed.

    Looking for a (I believe it's called a ITX or mini-ITX ) Power supply for a customers home pc. Been looking around and can't find them. Hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. I'm in JHB if that matters. Attached a pic of what I'm talking about
  17. L

    Single or double rail PSU? Antec debunks myths Myth 1: Only Single Rail Power Supplies Can Power Up High-end Graphics Cards! Myth 2: A Single-Rail Power Supply Is More Powerful Than A Multi Rail Power Supply! Myth 3: A Single Rail Power Supply Is As Safe As Multi Rail Power Supply! Myth 4: Larger...
  18. ControlAltDelete

    PSu cables?

    If anyone knows were too find an IDE power input with the opposite side a SATA input please tell me, the branche and/or price.. :) Looks like this
  19. P

    PC turns on but nothing happens

    Hi all, was wondering whether anyone could help me with a PC problem I've been having: My PC turns on, no beeps, nothing on the screen and the CPU fan isn't spinning. I've tried the usual steps such as removing RAM and checking for beeps, unplugging the graphics card, replacing the power...
  20. DrJohnZoidberg

    Mid-range PSU suggestions

    Hi All, I am looking at upgrading my PSU. I have had my stock AOpen PSU for about 7 years now and I'm afraid the thing is going to die on me any day now. I have about R900 budget for a new one. I don't need something with that much power as I'm not running any sli, just something that...