1. J

    Electromagnetic radiation of 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi tested

    Electromagnetic radiation of 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi tested Over the years, various concerns have been raised about the safety of electromagnetic radiation. It began with a panic in the late 1980s, which continued during the 1990s, about the potential harmful effects of the electromagnetic waves in...
  2. Nod

    World's Largest Animal Study on Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link

    Source: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/3706604 Rest at the link above ...
  3. B

    Vodacom Tower Installation Above my Apartment

    Hi all, I was hoping to get some advice from the community from those in the know regarding legalities of cellphone towers and their installation with proximity to people etc. I live in Pretoria and the rental company that owns the block of flats where I live has decided to go ahead and...
  4. P

    The true (hidden) cost of nuclear power

    It seems few people know of or even mention these consequences of what happens when things go wrong with nuclear power : http://enenews.com/ Are these discussions part of the decision making? Cape Town does not even have stock of iodine in case Koeberg blows. Research how many "events"...
  5. QuintonB

    Wi-Fi not posing health risks: research

    WiFi will not kill kids or teachers: research New research found that WiFi in schools does not pose a health risk to children or staff
  6. jes

    Your cellphone won't kill you: new research

    Your cellphone won't kill you: new research A new smartphone may break the bank, but at least new research shows that it will not increase your risk of developing cancer
  7. jes

    Cellphone radiation warning campaign dealt legal blow

    Cellphone radiation warning campaign dealt legal blow After losing a key round in court against the cell phone industry, San Francisco have agreed to revoke an ordinance that would require retailers to warn consumers about potentially dangerous radiation levels
  8. LazyLion

    Japanese Utility Takes Blame for Nuclear Crisis

    The utility that operates Japan's crippled nuclear plant says it deserves most of the blame for the crisis, in the company's strongest remarks about its own shortcomings. Tokyo Electric Power Co. acknowledged in a report Friday that it was not prepared to deal with the earthquake and tsunami...
  9. QuintonB

    Radiofrequency up for FCC review

    FCC calls for review on radiofrequency The head of the Federal Communications Commission is asking for a review of the agency’s stance on radiofrequency energy emitted from cell phones amid lingering concerns that the devices may cause brain tumors.
  10. G

    Mysterious radiation burst recorded in tree rings

  11. jes

    Wireless industry disputes WHO report on cellphone cancer

    Wireless industry disputes WHO report on cellphone cancer CTIA, The Wireless Association, disputes WHO findings on cell phone radiation
  12. LazyLion

    Parents complain Wi-Fi is making students sick

    http://www.cp24.com/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20100815/100815_wifi_sick/20100815/?hub=CP24Home I found this interesting because of the similarity to our own iBurst scandal with the tower that is making everyone sick. Seems like other people around the world are also complaining of the...
  13. L

    Four nabbed with 'radiation device'

    Source: IOL Creepy.
  14. rpm

    iBurst makes massive revelation in Craigavon tower battle

    Massive revelation in iBurst tower battle iBurst plays trump card in the Craigavon tower battle where residents complain about health issues
  15. I

    How much radiation does your cellphone emit?

    The Environmental Working Group has considered and analysed the radiation emissions from 1,268 cellphones. They also looked at research studies and supporting documentation from handset makers in the study. Using all this information, they've created a database of the phones tested, listing the...