1. A

    Three Reasons Why Facebook's Zuckerberg Wants More Government Regulation

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants more government regulation of social media. In a March 30 op-ed for the Washington Post, Zuckerberg trots out the innocent-sounding pablum we've come to expect from him. But what sort of regulation will this be? Specifically, Zuckerberg concludes "we need...
  2. Y

    Don't pay extra for Whatsapp - sign the Save Whatsapp Petition

    Join the team and sign the petition they have started against potential Whatsapp regulation. See the Fin24 article about this petition at the link below: South African consumers are always vocal with complaints, but seldom do anything...
  3. Ivan Leon

    Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions for the Automotive Industry - The Spurious Parts Menace

    While poorly designed Cars that don't meet Safety Standards and Poorly designed Roads are contributors to Accidents and Deaths on the Road. Counterfeit products are an equally big danger to our lives and no one really seems to taking sufficient action on this issue. This thread would be...
  4. jes

    Icasa now regulates e-commerce

    Icasa to tackle e-commerce Amendments made to the ICASA Act and Electronic Communications Act (ECA) have brought a number of changes to the South African ICT landscape
  5. QuintonB

    Why broadband for all is nothing but a dream

    Regulatory stagnation delays broadband for all Regulatory stagnation, indecision and misplaced ideologies are some of the reasons why broadband for all will likely remain a pipe dream
  6. LazyLion

    Taxi rivals open fire in clash over routes As usual nothing will come of this. In all fairness I do see the Metro Cops going after the Taxi guys both in Gauteng and in Ekurhuleni, so it's not really their fault. I just think the ANC...
  7. QuintonB

    "China-style" web controls needed says Russian Govt.

    “China-style” web controls needed: Russian Govt. Russia needs Chinese-style government regulation of the Internet, a top official said Wednesday, after election protesters organised nationwide rallies through social networking sites.
  8. jes

    Penny-auctions are not gambling says Smokoo

    Penny-auctions are not gambling says Smokoo Consumer protection regulations that may impact penny-auction sites are not the end of the road for Smokoo
  9. jes

    China cracks down on Internet voice services

    China cracks down on Internet voice services China has pledged to restrict Internet phone services -- a move that could affect thousands of businesses and individuals making cheap calls via web-based communications companies such as Skype.
  10. jes

    Hugo Chavez defends his plan for Internet regulations

    Hugo Chavez defends his plan for Internet regulations Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez defended plans for a law that would impose broadcast-type regulations on the Internet, saying Sunday that his government should protect citizens against online crimes.
  11. LazyLion

    A UN Controlled Internet Should Never Happen (Editorial) I have heard several times now that South Africa is seeking to regulate the internet and...
  12. Nod

    Conroy moves to split Telstra

    Something our government should have done with Telkom ages ago.
  13. rpm

    Virgin Mobile wants rules changed

    Virgin Mobile wants rules changed