1. Ivan Leon

    Vauxhall Movano / Renault Master / Nissan NV400 LCV

    Vauxhall Movano - 'IT'S HAUL RIGHT NOW' - OSV Vauxhall may these days be wedded to the PSA Peugeot Citroen Group but its largest LCV, the Movano, was designed with Renault and is the same as a Renault Master (and a Nissan NV400) to all intents and purposes. This is by no means an unusual...
  2. Jamie McKane

    Renault unveils new electric car

    Renault unveils new electric car Renault has unveiled a futuristic concept electric vehicle that can be physically extended to allow for extra batteries. The Renault Morphoz is an all-electric adaptive crossover SUV which is charged wirelessly via induction chargers located in roads, public...
  3. C

    Where are they now?- Honda

    Honda is an amazing company. They have a wide range of products, from small generators, car and bikes all the way to planes and robots. Pretty cool right? It is even better once you factor in their ground-breaking cars such as the original CIVIC (never thought a CIVIC would be ground-breaking...
  4. C

    Renault Sandero Stepway - Any opinions and/or experience?

    Hi All I'm considering buying a Renault Sandero Stepway for my daughter, either new or low mileage. Does anyone have any experience with this car that they can share? I have not driven any Renault cars before and I've heard that parts have been be a problem, is this still the case? I'm...
  5. V

    Nissan Qashqai vs Renault Duster (used)

    Hi all... I'm interested in getting an SUV, but will have to buy used. I'm currently looking at the Qashqai or Duster... any opinions from people who have owned either of these will be appreciated.
  6. Jamie McKane

    Renault is creating a "smart island" in France

    Renault is creating a "smart island" in France Renault plans to develop a smart electric ecosystem for the French island of Belle-Île-en-Mer, turning it into France's first "smart island". The automaker unveiled its new project in partnership with a number of energy companies, with its aim...
  7. Ivan Leon

    Renault says production halted at French sites after cyber-attack
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    The Formula 1 car of the future

    The Formula 1 car of the future Renault has unveiled its R.S. 2027 Vision, the Formula 1 car of the future. The company said the racer, which was revealed in China at Auto Shanghai 2017, is what it sees Formula 1 cars looking like in 2027.
  9. Ivan Leon

    Scoop – Renault to launch Kwid Climber edition soon (India)
  10. Ivan Leon

    This Is What A Zero-Star Safety Rating Looks Like On Four Different Cars

    Link and Global NCAP videos here:
  11. Z

    Renault Clio IV Service Intervals

    Good Day So for the past 1500KM, my car has been nagging that it would require a service, it started giving the warning at 8500KM, which means that it would need a service at 10 000KM. At about 9500KM, I contacted Reanult to book the car in for as service, which was yesterday at 7:30 am. I...
  12. Ivan Leon

    Renault Kwid : Official Review
  13. J

    Modus 2006

    Hi Guys I've just had my clutch pedal conk in, it literally felt like a snap and all of a sudden no pedal. With luck and quite a bit of revving and unusually daring driving (daring for me, but I drive like an old lady) on my part I actually made it up the m***se hill we live on. But now I...
  14. Ivan Leon

    Facelifted Duster busts into SA

    Nearly two years after its local introduction, and a not-too-shabby 8,000 sales later, Renault is dusting off its budget SUV with a facelift. The Duster's upgrade also coincides with change in production source. Whereas pre-facelifted models came from Chennai in India, the new versions are...
  15. skinndeep

    Renault Spares

    Hi Guys I drive a Renault Clio mk3. Any chance of a spares place? Like Bishopautospares in Edenvale. I'm based in the east. Thanks in advance
  16. Ivan Leon

    Renault Lodgy : Official Review

    The Renault Lodgy has been launched in India at a price of between Rs. 8.19 - 11.79 Lakhs (ex-Delhi). What you’ll like: • An all-rounded & practical 7 seater MPV. 3rd seat row is usable too • Priced between the Ertiga & Innova. Top variant is 4 lakhs cheaper than the Toyota • Robust...
  17. Ivan Leon

    India-made Dusters recalled in UK. No action by Renault India.

    Right hand drive Dusters for UK, were made in India at the Renault-Nissan's plant in Chennai until recently, when the company shifted the production to Dacia's Pitesti plant in Romania where LHD Duster's are being produced. What started with only a few complaints, has now spread all over the...
  18. Flywheel

    Maintenance and care for Renault Twingo 1.2L

    Hi chaps, please forgive my limited knowledge regarding vehicles since this is my first new-ish car. The vehicle has around 30 000 km on the clock and has been for the major service at around 28 000km. I got a good deal on it complete with AA and Dekra tests, etc. There are no more Service...
  19. B

    Renault Koleos info thread

    Hi MyBB I've been looking around at softroader type SUV's after my Tucson was written off and came across the Renault Koleos. Took an older one (2009) for a test drive and found it much better overall in comparison to my 2009 Tucson. Much more comfortable ride, smoother through the gears...
  20. D

    2005-2007 Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi

    Have any of you owned one? If so I would like to know your experience with this car? Would appreciate any insight before I go test drive one tomorrow. It is out of service and warranty plan, but will probably take out an extended motor warranty from hollard. BTW my other option is a...