1. PhireSide

    Inkjet vs Ink Tank printer for low-volume printing

    We have a Canon MX394 printer that performs just abysmally when printing lately. Mono printing is streaky after countless head and nozzle cleaning sessions, and the colours are all washed out. Genuine cartridges are about R250 ea for colour and B&W, and they last a few dozen pages before fading...
  2. A

    Beware Webafrica capped plans ripoff

    Just a warning to all you out there planning to switch to webafrica for a capped plan. No matter what time in the month you sign up for they will charge you for a full calender month. No pro-rate, no reduced data... nothing. I signed up on the 27th of last month for a 120GB plan and...
  3. G

    Ikonic IT / Ikonix - avoid this company!

    I need to vent - I'm just really disappointed after spending several years and many thousands of rands supporting a small online computer retailer - and I've basically ended up getting shafted. Here's my sad story: I ordered a 3TB "WD Mybook Essential" external harddrive on 2 April 2013...
  4. J

    So is it just VW who dont give floor mats with a new car?

    So is it just VW who dont give floor mats with a new car? And if you do want some VW floor mats, its R650, (which is a rip off so you'll probably end up buying some other brand for the floor mats) These are for vehicles between R150 000 and R200 000 - ripoff not?
  5. F

    Cell C Huawei E1820 Modem

    Does anyone know if the above will work on the 8ta network ?? Cannot bring myself to pay double for the same service I got last year :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:
  6. R13...

    iStore Prices

    So I went to the newly opened iStore in Eastgate and took look a around mainly to find a cover for an iPad 2. I notice the shop sells the Bose MIE2 headphones. The headphones are priced at 1399 at the store. I bought the same set of headphones on the other side of the mall (@IC) for 899. How...
  7. B

    Getting ripped off by your ISP?

    Like me, I bet you are. I paid for uncapped internet from Internet Solutions (which I get through the reseller 'Milltech IT') and I don't even have enough bandwidth to conduct a speed test on How can this possibly be right? I paid for internet that won't run out and instead I...
  8. E

    Sim Card Ripoff

    Beware the Cell C sim cards. They seem to fail a lot (mine in less than a month) and a R150 a pop which is like 3 times the price of Vodacom's sim cards which don't fail. Maybe Cell C have discovered a new revenue stream, I don't know.
  9. F

    SQL Server 2008 licensing.... good grief

    I've just been on the phone to Microsoft and clarified their licensing costs for SQL Server 2008 standard... here it is for anyone else who wants to know (from the horses mouth)... Per Processor model: Here the server is the licensed entity and you pay for each physical CPU in the machines...
  10. P

    Astar Travel

    Hi Guys dunno if u guys heard of the company, well if you do the offer amazing trips around the world at reasonable prices. Anyway their in the country now calling people and setting up appointments and offering these wonderfull trips well now everyone is wondering if there is anything...
  11. D

    Why Sony....WHY??

    All I want is a decent tv at a fair price.... 46" BRAVIA EX500 Series: R15000: RSA R7500 ($999): USA NOT IN SA... EVER :sick:
  12. A

    Vodacom - Cointel Rip-Off

    When last did you check your bill from Vodacom in detail? I just did, the February 2010 statement and found the following item listed under Content Services: 24/01/2010 15:14:32 Cointel 00500@TMobileSA 4.38 Adding VAT to the above rounds it off to R5.00 I was amazed, I had _never_...