1. seedat77

    Help: All Network Data Getting Used / Finished

    I am having a major problem the past week or so with my Telkom mobile data. Even if I am in an area with Telkom coverage, my All Network bundles are getting used. My phone does not show the R for roaming and even after turning off roaming it still happens. If I search for network to force using...
  2. A

    Cannot Block Roaming via *180#

    Hi, So I tried to block roaming on my sim several times this week but it just refuses to work, everytime I try it, it says "sorry, the service is unavailable, try again later". What do I do to fix the problem?
  3. G

    Roaming and keeping a MTN number active

    I recently had an experience with trying to keep access to my MTN prepaid sim card while on SMS roaming in the east of US. For context, I have been on SMS roaming for 110 days and have been recharging airtime and sending a sms every month to keep the number active. I received a message from...
  4. J

    Do any android dual LTE phones support VOWiFi on one SIM using data from the other

    There has been some discussion about using VOWiFi to avoid roaming costs when travelling abroad. There is also confirmation that using some iPhones will allow you to use the second SIM data as the "WiFi" connection...
  5. M

    Issues with FreeMe LIT bundles on Telkom-Vodacom roaming

    Good day all Is anyone else experiencing data issues with the new Telkom-Vodacom seamless roaming agreement? Previously with MTN roaming, I was able to enjoy my LIT packages without issue. Now it seems like when seamlessly roaming on Vodacom, their systems prefer normal data to LIT data. As a...
  6. S

    MTN Now Forbidden on Telkom SIM Card

    I'm using Telkom Mobile and in some areas I frequently go to Telkom is very weak. So in such cases I would then search networks and select MTN so that I would have signal. I deliberately set it so I have to manually search and select but now an interesting thing happened today. I last had it set...
  7. M

    Telkom Vodacom 65505 roaming disaster

    How can we make the engineers aware that this is a very bad solution. The way this new Vodacom partnership is setup is that it's roaming but it's deceptively set as a home network meaning unlike before when you manually choose a network search it won't lock on to one because both are home...
  8. Sigint

    Foreign SIM card for M2M or IOT Legal in SA if not RICA'ed?

    I just had a read-though of the RICA, now im a bit freaked out. Im trying to develop IOT products and services in SA, however with Vodacom's data APN dropping my TCP/IP packets when they fell like it, (yes I did try the unrestricted APN).. I am now looking a Emnify and other global roaming...
  9. B

    "Telkom-SA R" Vs "MTN-SA"

    Hello Citizens of MBB i am curious as to what the difference is between these two messages displayed next to the signal bar on my iPhone.I am curious as to what the difference is between the two. Could it be Vodacom roaming in place? and which sign do you see on your phones.
  10. skimread

    How do you keep a prepaid cellphone number from being disconnected if not on network

    I have a prepaid cellphone number. It is prepaid and doesn't get signal overseas. Is there a way I can use it to roam overseas or not get it disconnected if I am overseas let say for year or more.
  11. J

    Telkom to roam on Vodacom - can we cancel our Telkom FreeMe contract?

    Hello I live in an area (former Transkei) where there is only MTN signal. I have a Telkom FreeMe Family Unlimited contract (20 months remaining on contract) which roams on MTN. Apparently Telkom will begin roaming on Vodacom (and stop roaming on MTN) in December which means I will not be able to...
  12. N

    Sim Card for travel

    Hi! Just a bit of advice needed. I'm going to be travelling to Ireland in a few days but am still stuck deciding between roaming with a prepaid vodacom sim, or getting a sim card/data package when I land. Experienced travelers, what worked out best for you?
  13. M

    Telkom Mobile - Roaming on MTN - connectivity issue

    Hi All, Bit of a strange one. My wife and I both have Telkom Mobile contracts. We both roam permanently on MTN as we find we get less dropped calls and the internet is more reliable. Recently we have noticed that switching between wifi and cell data there seems to be a massive delay...
  14. N

    MTN no roaming contract with China

    Just venting... MTN does not have roaming contract in China Just learnt it the hard way... Now I won't be able to receive any SMS or important calls for the whole duration of my stay... Thank you MTN
  15. G

    Vodacom Requesting Roaming Customer Abroad to Re-RICA Vodacom number

    I am a Vodacom Prepaid customer currently abroad and using my Vodacom number on International Roaming. My number is RICA'd, and everything seemed peachy until this morning when I received this SMS from Vodacom (copy & paste): "Dear Valued Customer, to comply with RICA legislation please...
  16. Newsfeed

    Beware R500,000 per GB roaming rate

    Beware R500,000 per GB roaming rate Exorbitant international roaming charges have been a hot topic for years, and looking at what users pay to roam, it is easy to see why.
  17. D

    SmartBroadband Wireless - Telkom Network Only or Roaming Too?

    Hi Are the SmartBroadband deals Telkom-network-only, or do they also use the 2G/3G roaming network (MTN?) as well? I'm just trying to establish how much coverage these deals can take advantage of (I move around so specifying a single location to check for a coverage check won't work, I need...
  18. T

    MTN Roaming

    Hi there, I have always been on MTN prepaid and I know roaming was on by default but now I am on contract and need to activate roaming. How does it work on contract?
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    Watch out for paying over R580,000 per GB while roaming

    Watch out for paying over R580,000 per GB while roaming International data roaming can cost you more per GB than a Mercedes Benz C-Class, with some extras.
  20. J

    Activate MTN roaming while overseas

    How can I activate MTN roaming if I am overseas already?