Telkom Vodacom 65505 roaming disaster

Nov 5, 2009
How can we make the engineers aware that this is a very bad solution. The way this new Vodacom partnership is setup is that it's roaming but it's deceptively set as a home network meaning unlike before when you manually choose a network search it won't lock on to one because both are home networks.

This is very bad as from what I gather it only prioritizes signal strength as opposed to Telkom as no.1 then Vodafone 65505 as no.2. To make things worse the Telkom net data doesn't even work under this new Telkom network and which means for a lot of us its an annoying experience as the networks constantly switch around as you move about your day meaning loss of productivity with apps not recieving data.

This deserves attention guys


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Nov 3, 2013
One was a cell c SIM then ported the other is my contract work line. The call rates are very affordable and free especially to landlines.

And when did this thread take a U-turn? I see what's happening.
Because Mybb is a bunch of cats in more way than one, but difficult to heard and keep focused in this case.