1. jes

    Vodacom unveils new, low roaming rates for Africa

    Vodacom unveils new, low roaming rates for Africa New low roaming rates between Vodafone’s African operations introduced
  2. F

    Ipad roaming in Argentina and Chile

    Hi, I'll be travelling to Argentina and Chile shortly. I'm going to take my Ipad (3g+WiFi) and well as Nokia E7 (Both Vodacom) . Will it work there and what must I do on this side to make sure it will work on that side? The iPad will mostly be used for emails and perhaps a little surfing here...
  3. S

    detect 8ta network via AT commands ?

    Hi, I am wondering if there is a reliable way to detect if you are using a 8ta sim card with a gsm modem ? In the past I have used the commands at+cops=3,0 at+cops? This would return the network operator name. However with 8ta it seems to automatically roam with MTN and this...
  4. R

    Help needed: MTN Roaming (Data) Charges

    I'm trying to find the cheapest way to stay in touch with someone on holiday in the Seychelles. She activated roaming on her MTN contract, but after checking the charges it seems that even sms's will be costly. If I got it right sms's are charged at R3.50 PLUS usual contract rate. Thought of...
  5. E

    SMS Roamer and retrieving voicemails

    In order to retrieve voicemails while roaming one has to dial +27 82 14 ....then the last 9 digits of your number (aka your number minus the first 0) and quickly press 1 while you hear your voicemail message. Easy enough, but if you have not set up your voicemail pin, you are stuffed. So, is...
  6. M

    Roaming abroad and phone battery life

    Hi Not sure if that has been covered before but a colleague of mine has recently been abroad to France and Spain. He says that his battery life was less than half that in South Africa, even though he used his phone less. His phone was also getting excessively hot. He uses an iPhone 4. He was...
  7. H

    MTN Voicemail Diverts - Roaming Scam?

    Hello Just out of interest, how many MTN subscribers here have noticed that the voicemail diverts can't be cancelled? You enter the ##002# or ##62# (or other code) or use the phone menu to cancel the diverts, it comes up with a message that it was successfully done, and when you check the...
  8. rpm

    MTN cuts international roaming rates

    MTN cuts international roaming rates MTN South Africa will reduce the retail rates for international roaming on both voice and data from today
  9. jes

    Cell phone "roaming is a bitch'

    Cell phone "roaming is a bitch' High international roaming charges continues to frustrate users, but local cellular providers’ hands are tied
  10. Creag

    The great data roaming rip-off

    This is scary... :eek: Source... No more roaming for me.
  11. T

    Telkom concludes agreement with MTN

    Telkom today confirmed that it has signed a national roaming agreement with MTN South Africa; plans to build 2000 new base stations Telkom concludes agreement with MTN
  12. E

    Vodacom Roaming in Italy

    Hi - anybody travel to Italy recently? I'm touring there in 2 weeks and want to take my Blackberry on SMS and data-roaming (using text-based emails, no auto-more, and BBM only, it should be little data). However, when I phoned Vodacom yesterday, they said the only roaming option would be SMS...
  13. S

    Weird billing on MTN

    I've tried contacting MTN SP support on this query, but have been told that current turnaround on support calls is 25 (!) days. Since there are plenty of MTN experts on this forum, I'm hoping someone can help with this query. Inspecting a bill recently received after roaming in Australia (on...
  14. I

    Vodacom SMS Roaming Rates - USA

    Hi, I'm currently in the USA and am on Vodacom SMS Roaming (I'm on a Talk 120s contract). The network operator I've picked up is T-mobile. Can anyone help me with the rates that I'll be paying for sending and receiving an SMS? The T-Mobile international rates are: $0.35 to send and $0.05 to...
  15. Rouxenator

    Do you Truphone ?

    This weekend I was blown away with Truphone. For those of you that do not know what Trubphone is, it is a SIP VoIP platform - and it really works. Currently you can get truphone on Symbian smartphones as well as on the Apple iPhone. It works with WiFi or 3G and the quality is amazing. My wife...
  16. rpm

    MTN's R5 Africa roaming

    MTN's R5 Africa roaming
  17. rpm

    Beware high roaming bills

    Beware high roaming bills
  18. Nod

    3G Card cost monitor

    I'm looking for software that would be able to show users their 3G costs for when they do roaming. Preferably something that sits on the desktop, and is visible at all times. Anybody have an idea?