1. Jamie McKane

    Air pollution is killing South Africans - Study

    Air pollution is killing South Africans - Study A new study on air pollution by Eskom, Sasol Synfuels, and Natref provided shocking evidence of the harmful effects caused by these organisations to the environment and to human health. The study was conducted by Dr. H. Andrew Gray of Gray Sky...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Makro Pick-up lockers coming to McDonald’s and Sasol - photos, details

    Makro Pick-up lockers coming to McDonald’s, Sasol: photos, details It is now possible to send items bought from Makro’s online store to a system of lockers.
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Makro to introduce online shopping click and collect lockers

    Makro online shopping click and collect lockers Makro is set to invest in online click and collect lockers at Sasol petrol station forecourts, fast food restaurants, and office parks
  4. N

    Cheap Diesel in PTA East (50ppm, preferably Sasol)

    Morning guys, Anybody can advise on cheapest places to fill up 50ppm diesel in Pta East? Sasol specifically. Menlyn/Lynnwood/Faerie Glen areas. Also, is there 10ppm available anywhere? Cheers.
  5. UltimateGamer

    Sasolburg ADSL problems

    In the evening and over weekends I use to experience very slow speeds and high latency in online games. It happened almost every evening and weekend. Last week I logged a call with Telkom and they sent out a Technician to evaluate the problem, he phoned me back and confirmed that he picked up...
  6. LazyLion

    Ghost of apartheid haunts fuel price Oh how convenient that somebody forgot to review the price 18 years ago! :mad:
  7. MalicE

    Sasol: Then and Now

    Sasol THEN Sasol NOW
  8. B

    Do you remember? SASOL TV add with baby in pram.

    This Sasol advertisement aired in the mid 90s back when most of us still only had SABC TV, think it was 95 or 96 and it was originally in afrikaans. So, as I remember the two grandparents had to look after the baby boy in his pram. He then filled up at a Sasol pump, then he said "Glug, Glug"...
  9. jes

    MultiChoice shuns JSE’s BEE platform

    MultiChoice shuns JSE’s BEE platform Listed companies have largely shunned the JSE’s black economic empowerment trading platform for their own options
  10. B

    Which "BRAND" of Petrol

    So we have a few petrol suppliers in South Africa. British Petroleum (BP), Shell, Caltex, SASOL. Well that's all I have access to in Cape Town. I tend to always look for a a BP filling station to fill up now part of the reason is I can use my Debit Car so that's a huge plus and I lean towards...
  11. R

    Sasol pumps out shares to black South Africans

    Black South Africans will be able to buy Sasol shares for R366 each from its petrol station forecourts from 22 May. The minimum subscription is 25 shares, or R9150, and there is a two- year lock-in period. In my next life i want to be...