1. Dimagi

    Dimagi (Cape Town) is Hiring for Technical Project Manager!

    Organization Description Founded out of Harvard and MIT in 2002, Dimagi is an award-winning global technology company with a focus on impact that delivers open source technology to help underserved communities in over 50 countries around the world. Job Description Dimagi is looking for an...
  2. A

    VPN that gives the best ping

    Hi guys I am just wondering if someone will know of a VPN service that can provide me with quick ping response, the reason for this is that I am trying to play a game with my brother. He lives in the UK and I have to have my location near him for us to be able to play the game together, sounds...
  3. M

    1.5 billion files exposed by misconfigured servers, storage and cloud services

    1.5 billion sensitive files exposed by misconfigured servers, storage and cloud services
  4. O


    A group of friends and I are starting a free online community in SA with a ton of hosted game servers and other services. (Think WUG, but for services run locally (in SA) over the internet) We are in the early stages and are looking to spend as little as possible on hardware If you have a...
  5. ChantalMichelle

    Team Lead

    Team Lead. R80k. Rosebank, JHB. Job Purpose: Responsible for: • Team Management: – leading, – mentoring – and motivating a team of application implementers at various client sites • Client Management – relationship with the client – Networking for new work at existing client...
  6. O

    Photoshopping Services as a side income in South Africa?

    I'm a little curious... I see many online articles that suggest people can make a decent side income by offering photo editing and retouching services online. I might be missing the mark here, but in my experience the average person doesn't seem too keen to pay for a service like this -...
  7. ChantalMichelle

    C# Development options - JHB (University Graduates / Developers / Systems Analysts)

    Our client is a financial software solutions provider offering customised software and technical solutions to businesses. With a comprehensive range of products and solutions as well as extensive experience with the automation and integration of business processes and systems, we create software...
  8. O

    Anyone used 3D Printing Services in SA?

    If so, who would you recommend? The whole 3D printing thing has had my interest for a while now, but buying a 3D printer is not really an option at the moment. I've dabbled with 3D modelling so I have a few 3D models I would like to print - have you used a 3D printing service? What sort of...
  9. U

    Hi Everybody

    Hi , I am Marwaan and new in the forum . I'm the managing member of a company that will promote small to medium business values, services & products directly to any community in South Africa across all marketing platforms within a safe and secured online environment.. I would like to really...
  10. B

    Post Office's Speed Services

    Are anybody aware of problems at Speed Services? I was informed this morning by our local post office that Speed Service's vehicle contract with Avis has been cancelled - is this true? Non-payment? Bad management? For a couple of days there has been no deliveries or pick-ups by Speed Services
  11. B

    Multi Service Provisioning Platform

    Hi All, I have created a service provisioning platform which integrates to things such as openstack, google apps for business etc. I'm looking for back end services which I can add to my service catalogue, These can be anything from to custom integration's to popular stuff like hosted...
  12. T

    Hello from Tech Support

    Tech Support is a technology support company. We supply IT Support to the Business, Schools and Home market. We have been active in the Western cape since 2008. Our services are available in The Helderberg region, Somerset West, Strand, Gordons Bay, Cape Wine lands, Stellenbosch, Northern...
  13. LazyLion

    Tshwane Mayor to visit Kleinfontein

    Tshwane's mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa will visit the Afrikaners-only community of Kleinfontein outside Rayton, east of Pretoria, on Wednesday. "The visit is not a law enforcement exercise, but is aimed at fact-finding, reaching out to the community and understanding their concerns,"...
  14. LazyLion

    Google Combines Paid and Free Storage for It’s Platforms Schweet! :D
  15. jes

    Ka-band satellite services to launch in Africa

    Ka-band satellite services to launch in Africa Ka-band satellite services to boost broadband access across Africa, overcoming the challenges faced by land based cable systems and other satellite services.
  16. W

    DSTV - Connect & Disconnect Services

    I want to know if it is possible to signup for DSTV Premium and then using the online Connect & Disconnect Services, stop the service during the week and re-connect come Saturdays for the remainder of the weekend? Will I only be billed for the time connected? Any connection charges to keep in...
  17. jes

    Nashua Mobile now carrying 8ta products and services

    Nashua Mobile now carrying 8ta products and services Nashua Mobile announced that it now offers 8ta's cellular services countrywide
  18. jes

    ATC launches VoIP service

    ATC launches VoIP service Altech Technology Concepts unveils VoIP solution for large and small enterprises
  19. M

    No sound after I lock PC

    This laptop is driving me insane. Whenever I lock it (using ctrl+alt+del) and then log back in, the sound is gone :mad: This seems to only affect the headphones. If I want to watch or listen to something, it will play normally through the speakers but not the headphones after I've logged back in...
  20. jes

    “Wake up Vodacom” says IT journalist Ben Kelly

    “Wake up Vodacom” says IT journalist Ben Kelly Ben Kelly asks Vodacom to stop acting like Telkom and respond to Cell C, willing to do what it takes to win market share and keep their customers happy