signal strength

  1. A

    How to check signal strength on a 3G dongle

    I humbly beseech you wise ones for assistance concerning how to check the signal strength on my 3G Huawei dongle. Using a hyperterminal is not one of my skill sets, is there not a simpler method?
  2. M

    My ongoing saga with the LTE Uncapped deal

    So, where to start... Up until September last year, we had been stuck with a crappy ADSL line that barely managed to sync at 1 mbps, and would frequently disconnect and resync at any time of day or night, whether it was good weather or bad. We live in a dip that prevents us from getting LOS...
  3. R

    DSTV HD Tuner2 issues in Cape Town

    DSTV HD Tuner1 issues in Cape Town 1st post, so excuse or flame me - either way "Howdy y'all". This spot seems like a great place to get random advice on all issues.... So the HD sport channels at our place have been getting poor signal recently. Sometimes regular bursts around a second...
  4. M

    Alvarion Wimax Signal strength monitor....

    Can anyone tell me how to access the signal strenght monitor once my Alvarion Wimax is installed and IDU is in place...? Just moved office and cannot seem to connect..!! Greets Will
  5. S

    Signal Strength

    Checked my signal strength with ginggs's MDMA tool, just wondering what this means practically? Doesn't seem too great, -93dbm with a long usb cable and -101 without. On the Voda speed test I got 353kpbs down, 256kbps up. Running it again I got 316 up, 206 down so not exactly fast. That's...
  6. ginggs

    MDMA [does Connection Management & USSD & Monitors Signal Strength - Windows]

    I wrote this software to show more information than the provided dashboard. Specifically I was looking for cell info (Cellular Broadcast Messages), signal strength (in more detail than 5 graphical bars) and to distinguish between GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA. I only intended this program to be a...