slow international

  1. S

    Super-slow international speeds - what's going on?

    Hi there people of the rainbow nation :D Ok so this is the situation: I have a relatively new 2mb line. I speedtest locally, and I crack like 1-1.5mbps, which is fine, I think. But when I select any international server, I consistently get close to 0.2mbps per second. This is pretty ***. I've...
  2. D

    Axxess uncapped 1024 international almost dead

    I am getting 12kbs on speedtest to London and New York. anybody else have the same problem?
  3. Pixual

    4096 international speeds ridiculous

    I have been experiencing speeds slower than dialup intermittently with my Axxess Lite account for over two weeks, mostly during the day. Tickets submitted to their support department are just ignored, or replied to with disdain. Here's a speedtest to Houston Texas taken earlier today: It's...