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    SARS unearths retail sales software fraud

    During the unveiling of the 2010-2011 fiscal revenue results, SARS identified specialised retail software used by tax dodgers The South African Revenue Services (SARS) has identified specialised tax evasion software used by retailers, hampering revenue collection. SARS commissioner Oupa...
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    What is a "good" software developer?

    Many books have been written around patterns and practices and writing code that is geared to outlast you, the company and the very OS that its written on. To me good code is code that the next developer can understand and extend without rewriting it. By the same token a good developer is a...
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    What rates to charge for development

    Hi I have been in the software and web development field for about 12 years now, but as an employee. In Feb I will be going on my own and finally become my own boss. What I'd like to get some opinions on is what hourly rate that I should be charging. I have been offered a contract for 80...