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  1. F

    System Development NQF Level 5 to a degree/diploma

    Apologises if this is in the wrong thread, I need some advice. If I'm not mistaken the System Development NQF Level 5 qualification is awarded after the completion of most software develpoment learnerships. My current plan is to complete this and associate java certification. Does anyone know...
  2. PrimeSteak

    Freelancing and other programming odd job sites/tips

    Hey guys, could anyone give me some tips on freelancing, getting odd jobs as an aspiring software developer? My qualifications: I don't have a qualification yet (I'm going to start studying next year via UNISA), I only have Matric (matriculated last year), a certificate from a MySQL course I...
  3. PrimeSteak

    IT Qualifications via Distance Learning 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Hey guys, so I'm currently doing some short courses (Udemy, Coursera, CS50) and will do so for the rest of the year. But you can't get a software/web/mobile developer job just on short courses alone in this country, so I want to start studying next year, the problem is I don't know at what...
  4. PrimeSteak

    Help with finding a institution that offers IT qualifications via distance learning

    Hey guys, soooo I've run into a bit of a wall here...After wonderful( :rolleyes:) encounters with AIE and Pearson Institute I've run out of options of where to study from next year on, I'm in Matric as of now so I'm making the final adjustments for my plans for 2021 education-wise. What...
  5. E

    Building a datascience bootcamp for Africa

    Over the last couple of months I have been enrolled in an international data-science bootcamp. Having had a keen interest in the field for quite some time, while I have found the opportunity great, I have noticed a lot of flaws in how some bootcamps seem to operate. For starters, 6 months is...
  6. Lebogang95

    What would DVTs rate be to develop an app like Uber ?

    No, I don't want to develop another Uber. I'm just trying to find a benchmark for how much DVT & Co charge to develop these things.
  7. S

    Bsc Honours in Computing from BTech IT

    Hi would just like to know if you can apply to do the BSc Honours Computing course at Unisa if you have a BTech degree in IT Software Development
  8. M

    Is it possible for a non-South African completing a computer science degree at a South African University to apply for internships?

    The non-South African is a Zimbabwean passport holder.
  9. M


    I've always heard about GreaseMonkey but never tried it. I came across TamperMonkey yesterday by chance and thought to give it a go. Pretty cool and useful. For example, I don't like the fact that my mybb username is displayed on the top, as sometimes a colleague can come to my desk and I would...
  10. M

    I send out a hand curated list of content relating to software dev in ZA

    Hey there! :) I recently finished a small side project: I'm trying to "give back" a bit by supplementing the software developer community in ZA with relevant news, blog posts, event information and more. I enjoy receiving content in this format and apparently...
  11. N

    Difficulty of BSc IT at NWU

    Hello guys just wanted to know the difficulty of obtaining bsc it degree at north west university because i read somewhere that only less than 10% of people who enrol for bsc it at nwu make it to honours level, so im just curious since i also wanna go there.
  12. N

    UNISA Computing vs Computer Science and Mathematics

    Who has completed either BSC Computing or BSC Computer Science and Mathematics, and can advise which is better for a software development career?
  13. S

    Software development company in bloemfontien

    Hi I am looking for a software company that can do mobile apps and desktop applications to partner with preferably in bloemfontien if not in free state Any suggestions ?
  14. E

    Is it worth it to continue CS Honours?

    I have completed my undergrad degree last year and started working this year. I thought that I would try and do honours part time and only took one module the first semester along with the compulsory research module, just to see if I would be able to manage doing both work and study. Now the...
  15. C

    A Framework to Enhance Software Quality In Object Oriented Development Lifecycles.

    Dear All, My name is Chrisando Wagner and as part of my Masters of Science in Software Engineering, I am writing my Dissertation on Software quality assurances practices with relation to object oriented programming. I kindly ask for your help in taking part in a small survey. The...
  16. S

    BSc Informatics vs BSc Computing - UNISA

    BSc Informatics vs BSc Computing - UNISA (Moved from General Section) Hi everyone! I am a first time poster and have read the other threads with regards to this topic, I decided to post something myself and see the type of response I'd get. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have...
  17. E

    Do you require a unique business software solution?

    Business Analyst with 5+ years of analysis experience and Software Engineer with more than 10 years of experience looking for businesses requiring unique / custom software solutions - with any problem or challenge you are facing as a business. Full software development life cycle: Planning...
  18. Nod

    Qt Automotive Suite takes Linux for a ride

  19. R

    C# Software Developer – (6 Month Contract)

    We are looking for an intermediate to senior level developer who is passionate about development. Skill Requirements: • Computer Science diploma or better (or similar diploma/degree) • At least 2 or more Years relevant work experience • Experience in .NET development (C#, ASP.NET) •...
  20. M

    Every Bootstrap website. Ever.