1. RedViking

    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    This Thread is for the Mecer Inverter only. My personal opinion on the unit: Seeing that there are lots of question and in lots if threads, here is my review/input on the Mecer Inverter. Instead of reposting I'll just reference here. I'll add more info soon. This should give you an idea what...
  2. L

    Problems and Solutions, onion/garlic smell

    Hey there mybroadbander's Ever cut an onion or crush some garlic while cooking? Who hasn't? People who don't like food, that's who! I kid :P The problem inevitably arises when you do not wear gloves, which I can't because it grosses me out (don't ask). So I have found this nifty solution...
  3. NeonNinja

    Win7 Ad-hoc creation failure

    Win7 Ad-hoc creation failure. After browsing almost 10 pages of Google, screening through solutions, I can't seem to get it. Issue started about a week ago, when I try create an Ad-hoc network, it tells me "Windows could not set up "network"." I can't see other networks either. Nothing in...
  4. T

    Another Solution for Battery drain on Nokia 5230

    Just a heads-up for all those with smartphones and the such : Recently I was alarmed at the rate my battery was getting drained - it would only last a day or so, and needed frequent recharging. I was at the point of committing myself to buying a new battery, but then I started to think : what...
  5. dablakmark8

    A way to reset pswd SOLVED

    Read here and here and the SOLUTION:D SOLUTION
  6. jes

    Intel identifies chipset design error, working on solution

    Intel identifies chipset design error, working on solution Intel Corporation has discovered a design issue in a recently released support chip, the Intel 6 Series, code-named Cougar Point, and has implemented a silicon fix