1. NeonNinja

    Formatted PC, Help!

    Just formatted my PC. I do not have an Internet connection. I lost another disk with essential programs. Basically I wanted SP2 (I'm on XP), to install it, then install SP3. I don't have a service pack (I have the SP3 executable), even 1. What is the registry hack to make windows think I have...
  2. S

    (Att: teraside) XP SP3 fix for DNS issues

    I can't seem to find the thread(s) on the forum that point to a downloadable fix for the XP SP3 + Telkom Mega 100WR DNS issue. Can someone that perhaps remembers more about it please link for me? teraside, I know you know where it is :D
  3. B

    XP SP3 fail

    Hey guys/gals, Updated my legit XP Pro from SP2 to SP3 last night. all installed/downloaded well, but after the reboot (required reboot) i cant get into windows. It boots just to the point where you would expect the xp logo & loader to show, and then restarts. If I go into safemode and try...
  4. D

    Service Pack 3 ... Problems????

    I just installed windows service pack 3 after a clean installation of windows SP2.... Here's my questions? Does SP3 include IE7 because after my installation xp still has IE6...and suddenly after SP3 install I can't do windows updates anymore (since they fail on installation after...
  5. mercurial

    Should I install XP SP3?

    I downloaded it last night, but I'm not sure if I should install it? I've already got all my system updates. Would it be worthwhile for me to install it?
  6. medicnick83

    XP SP3 Installation Failures...

    Microsoft identified these as the top 5 reasons (and their knowledge base articles) for Service Pack 3 installation failures. #1 : Prerequisite Failures Windows XP Service Pack 3 installation fails with an error message, and the following error is logged in the service pack installation log...