1. Vander Host

    Axxess ISP SSH sessions always breaking due to load balancer??

    I live in Cape Town and have tried various providers across the Western Cape. My residence is in Tamboerskloof and my landlord uses Axxess. I'm 90% happy with the service but I have one major problem in my daily workflow which is becoming a royal pain in the neck. The problem is SSH breaks. It...
  2. S

    Telkom Unrestricted APN - Questions

    So today I found out that by default we have unrestricted APN (Yes, didn't know this all along). All good, as I sometimes want to access my phone remotely (it runs an SSH server 24/7) which I have already tested successfully. However, I am also wondering if: Having the unrestricted APN...
  3. kanzen

    No SSH on Afrihost Hosting?

    Does Afrihost really not have SSH access for developers who host with them? I'd like to set up version control...not FTP every file change. Has anyone got around this before?
  4. G

    Web Africa SSH Access

    Hi I have a webafrica Linux Premium package. I would like to secure ssh access to it, and found a guide here: However, I have no idea how get what the default...
  5. D

    Port forwarding and SSH tunneling

    Hi guys So I've been playing around with a Raspberry Pi recently. I've managed to make it into a download+media server and everything is working nicely. My next project is involving remote access to it, but there's some stuff I'm just not understanding. I've got a Dynamic DNS account...
  6. S

    Permission Denied in SSH (Mac -> Ubuntu)

    Hi, I am having issues doing a standard ssh login from my MacBook Pro into my Ubuntu 12.04 microserver. In the terminal I typed: ssh -l HPServer HPServer@'s password: Lets say HPServers password is 123 for example. I enter that. I just get this error...
  7. B

    SSH Port Forwarding - Billion W40

    Hi All, I have set-up SSH port forwarding on my Billiobn w40 router, however when I want to add a second host I got through the same process and am presented with an error saying "Please check name!" thus I rename the application to ssh2 and it then just refreshes and does not add the second...
  8. M

    ssh keypairs 101

    please explain to me... i'm a bit foggy on the whole thing. so you get a public and private keypair... what's the difference? from what i understand, it generates a fingerprint which is better than a password between two servers does this fingerprint contain the password... or does it encrypt...
  9. M

    server user setup - ssh, sudo & su

    *noob alert* i've got a server, with root and another user. the root user doesn't have ssh login. the regular user has ssh and sudo all privileges. but, if a hacker got a hold of the regular user pass, they could su - and kill the system. would it be better to give login to an unprivileged...
  10. jes

    Common Secure Shell passwords unveiled

    Common Secure Shell passwords unveiled It is not only ignorant computers users who are using weak username and password combinations as a new website shows
  11. V

    SSH Tunneling

    Hi All This is my situation at present, I am a border and my school has officially gone wonky with internet restrictions. They've installed OpenDNS and put the filtering on beyond maximum and added quite a few custom restrictions to their firewall (Like Gmail for some unknown reason!!!) :wtf...
  12. D

    Internet sharing MacBook to iPhone

    Anyone with any experience regards,.. Netatalk OpenSSH Internet Sharing over Airport Netatalk and OpenSSH work for a while, then it seems that after you reboot the MacBook [if you sleep it for days and then carry on all is fine],. on reboot, the two battle to pair again,.. To the...
  13. redarrow

    Starting an app on startup without root privledges

    This is really giving me a headache.. :( I have a simple linux box which I'm using as a server. It's running Fedora 8 and does not use X, basically I just log in with ssh to make any system changes I need. Now my big problem: I'm trying to use it to run a Dc++ client like a server, I'm...
  14. M

    Linux under 'active attack'

  15. U

    ssh can anyone help

    i'm trying to ssh over the internet connection to gain access to a server, i'm using gentoo linux, i just can't seem to get pass the NAT on the public apn, on a wireless broadband connection. perhaps anyone could tell me how, i managed to get a connection to the network in the maldives and...
  16. V

    Unrestricted APN

    The History There are 3 'consumer' APN's available to the Vodacom user base: internet - NAT'd IP with all incoming ports blocked, i.e. you can connect to any service with no blocking or shaping of any kind, but your PC can't accept incoming connections. This is out-and-out to protect users...