star trek

  1. TribbleZA

    [RED ALERT: SPOILERS] Star Trek Picard Trailer

    So looking forward to this !!!!!
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Star Trek: Discovery [SPOILERS]

    New Star Trek TV series on its way Star Trek is returning to televisions, with producer Alex Kurtzman developing the remake of the sci-fi classic.
  3. N

    [S] Star Trek Collectible Card game

    [S] Star Trek Collectible Card game Item: Star Trek CCG cards for sale (Sealed) Age: Purchased 4 months ago, sealed product Warranty: No Packaging: Will be boxed Condition: Brand New - Still Sealed boosters and Decks Location: Cape Town Reason: Purchased the items and haven't opened it yet...
  4. RazedInBlack

    Westboro Baptist Church Announces Intent To Picket Leonard Nimoy’s Funeral

    :rolleyes: I honestly have no words for these people anymore!
  5. jes

    Scientist invents real Star Trek tricorder

    Scientist invents real Star Trek tricorder Starships, warp speed, transporters, phasers. Think “Star Trek” technology is only the stuff of fiction? Think again.
  6. Derrick

    Star Trek hot topic for bloggers

    Memorial Day, Star Trek and Barrack Obama topped Nielsen’s monthly index of most blogged news stories for May 2009. This is according to a ten most blogged about topics report recently released by online statistical evaluation firm Nielsen Online. Memorial Day is a United States federal...
  7. V

    Star Trek Online - South African players

    Ola7 any south africans players playing star trek online ? how about a south african "fleet"? ~~Commander Vaalpens on the U.S.S. Cosatu~~ :P