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    Need a dental implant - maxillofacial surgeon or periodontist? Incl doc's name please

    I need a recommendation please - having a tooth out tomorrow and I need an implant done (& a crown) when the jaw has healed. I'm not sure which speciality handles it better? Also need the name of a doc please. I'm on the East Rand but will travel to Jhb, Pta etc to see a highly recommended...
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    How do you completely mess up 2014?

    By getting told you need to have braces fitted (at the age of 26) and jaw surgery which medical aid do not pay for as its seen as "cosmetic"
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    Lasik Surgery - My Experience (Long, detailed read..)

    Howzit guys, So ive just been for lasik surgery for both my eyes last thursday, and have fully recovered and back at work :) I thought it might be informative to others who are thinking about going for the procedure and have concerns and questions. Lets Begin... History: So i have been...
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    Man Loses Legs in Botched Gallbladder Surgery

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    Woman in Intensive Care After 'Restoring Virginity' for Sixth Time

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    Doctors Remove 6-Inch Fishing Spear From Man's Brain

    More... :eek: