1. L

    Hotel online reservation system

    Hi all, I need to run an online reservation system for more than one hotel on my website. What would be the most affordable way to do this. Please suggest companies to contact or if you are able to develop one yourself kindly reply. Thank You
  2. T

    Updating PS3 System Offline

    Hi, Ever needed to update your PS3 but didn't have access to an internet connection? I've only recently discovered one can perform the PS3 system update offline with the use of a USB device. Check it out on the official Playstation website ...
  3. L

    System specs faker?

    Back in the day I had this little software app that would allow me to select an exe and then select what fake system specs I want to feed this exe when I run it. I cannot for the life of me get google to assist me in finding this app. From what I recall one could set a few things like...
  4. NomNom

    Microsoft Urges Windows XP Consumers to Move to Windows 8.1

    Microsoft has officially announced Windows 8.1 pricing and packaging a few hours ago, so the company also used the occasion to talk about Windows XP and its retirement date. Windows XP will no longer receive updates and security patches as of April 8, 2014, so Microsoft wants everyone to move...
  5. M

    AVG anti-virus software mistakes Windows system file for a trojan

    Source :erm:
  6. NeonNinja

    Windows 8 installation/upgrade woes

    So; an hour ago; I was upgrading from Win7 Ult to Win 8 Pro. I had a Windows.Old folder that I had when I reinstalled Windows 7. When I chose to upgrade and keep files and settings it proceeded; after everything's finished now I have 100GB space free (WTF) (from 15GB free). 75GB of data from...
  7. S

    Internet Solutions - DSL Star rating system

    Hi, I've contacted my ISP to ask IS, but I just got a generic answer. Except for this one dude, he really tried to help. Getting to the point. IS use something they like to call the "star rating system" it has to do with you line speed Vs. the amount you download. I'd like to know...
  8. jes

    The great decision: build your own software or buy and existing solution?

    The great decision: build your own software or buy and existing solution? There are some kinds of software you just buy: word processors, email clients and anti-virus packages are obvious examples
  9. jes

    WACS edges closer to South Africa

    WACS edges closer to South Africa The West African Cable System (WACS) has recently landed in Namibia, with a South African landing not far away
  10. jes

    Online system to fight mining corruption

    Online system to fight mining corruption Government has launched a groundbreaking online system to counter corruption and ensure transparency during the application and granting of mining rights, permits and prospecting licences.
  11. LazyLion

    9 Things You Need To Do/Install After Installing Ubuntu 9.04 Local Link...
  12. LazyLion

    How's this for a gaming computer?

    ... remember I was trying to build one for my kids.... they need an upgrade. Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 - 3 Ghz BioStar G31-M7 Motherboard 2 x 1 Gb DDR2 667 Sapphire HD3450 256 Mb DDR2 PCI Express Card Sony 20x DVD Writer 550W Power Supply all for R3750.00 I know some of the parts are...