1. RedViking

    Vehicle torched in ongoing Richards Bay violence PARTS of Richards Bay CBD remain on lockdown amid ongoing protest action which erupted on Friday and continued yesterday (Monday) and today. There is a heavy police presence in the Taxi City vicinity...
  2. NeonNinja

    Ride hailing services ZA

    Uber then Taxify, now WOOOPI. Personally I think the name is weird. (poor website).
  3. F

    Cheapest way to get to Cape Town Airport

    I'm going to Cape Town from Vredenburg via taxi tomorrow. I have a flight to Port Elizabeth that afternoon, so I'd just like to know what's the cheapest way of getting to the airport from one of the taxi ranks that I'll get off at. Uber will cost me between R94 and R115 from a Bellville rank...
  4. M

    Man pretended to be cab driver so he could rape women after watching ‘taxi porn'

    Man pretended to be cab driver so he could rape women after watching ‘taxi porn'
  5. M

    Man taxis to and from robbing bank

    Man taxis to and from robbing bank
  6. M

    Woman leaves 6-year-old daughter in taxi while she robs bank

    Woman leaves 6-year-old daughter in taxi while she robs bank
  7. N

    Gautrain vs Uber from Park Station to OR Tambo tomorrow(Public Holiday)?

    I've never used the Gautrain before, and I heard that Uber drivers can get harassed by taxi drivers, though I'm not sure how common that is. My wife and I are arriving at Park Station by bus at about 5PM tomorrow (25th Sep) and it's a public holiday, so according to the train timetable there...
  8. squirrel

    What are your thoughts on Taxify?

    It seems like Taxify gets no love on this forum. I've been using their service in Cape Town over the last couple of months, and I must say it has been on par, if not better than Uber. It seems like Uber are a bit overwhelmed at the moment and Taxify are taking advantage of this opportunity by...
  9. Newsfeed

    Warning – Striking taxi drivers on the rampage in Pretoria

    Warning – Striking taxi drivers on the rampage in Pretoria Striking taxi drivers have turned on motorists in Tshwane, smashing cars and attacking pedestrians.
  10. Newsfeed

    Watch – Metered taxi driver petrol bombed in Pretoria

    Watch – Metered taxi driver petrol bombed in Pretoria A metered taxi driver was set alight and his vehicle petrol bombed in Sunnyside, Pretoria on Wednesday.
  11. C

    Advice needed - we had an accident and I need them to pay

    Hey Everyone, So, we were driving to gym, in town, yesterday, when a taxi jumped the robot behind us, and tried to push in front of us but ended up just whacking into my car instead. I got a picture of all his many licenses on the vehicle, as well as number plate and drivers licence. He...
  12. RyanBrothwell

    Two injured in Durban's ongoing taxi strike – paramedics

    One person was shot in the face, and another was injured after apparently jumping off a bridge into a cemetery in an attempt to escape the ongoing taxi strike, paramedics said on Wednesday. ER24 spokesperson Pieter Rossouw warned commuters to stay clear of Warwick Junction and the cemetery as...
  13. S

    ‘Just another drunk girl’ [Alleged metered-taxi assault - Cape Town]

    An alleged assault by a metered-taxi driver and his accomplice took place on Thursday evening in Claremont, Cape Town.
  14. QuintonB

    The pros and cons of Uber's business model

    Is Uber really worth over R440 billion? Can a company that didn’t exist five years ago, an upstart with a knack for angering regulators who could close it down, really be worth $40 billion?
  15. S

    Stellenbosch transport to Techno Park, Any help?

    Can anyone help me out, I am going to be living in Stellenbosch central next year but will be studying in Techno Park. I can't drive so I need an alternative transport. Is there a bus or something that goes between Stellenbosch Central and Techno Park. Any suggestions to what I can do...
  16. M

    How do you think Zapacab app compares to Uber?

    Hi guys, The Zapacab taxi hailing app just went live in the app stores. We used PhoneGap technology to allow for a faster time to market for multiple app stores - at this stage Apple and Android. We have maintained the simple UX flow of the previous app, and look to be adding some great...
  17. NeonNinja

    Durban just went Uber! Next stop: P.E :D
  18. C

    Uber Taxi Service was Incredible!

    I was in Observatory on Saturday night, come 2:30am I decided to try and use this service. I opened up the app, it located my location in 1 second, I pressed a button, then pressed order driver (it even showed me a picture of the driver and what car he is driving). I then immediately got an...
  19. M

    Request a Taxi on Your Smart Phone

    Hi everyone, We are busy building a project that hopes to greatly improve the process of taxi hailing for passengers in South Africa by allowing them to send requests for taxi's from the convenience of their phone. Each request will ping the 5 closest taxis (who have the app installed on...

    Boy regains sight after taxi accident :D Awesome.