telkom fibre

  1. D

    Telkom throttling international traffic

    Hi everybody, I'm on Telkom Uncapped 20/20 fibre. Been with them just over 2 years and never had any issues..... Till now! Very weird issue and wondering if it's just me or a general Telkom thing. Mornings, all traffic and speeds are perfect. Afternoons and evenings, seems like all...
  2. S

    New install: Vuma/Telkom no internet

    I took out a Telkom subscription recently. Vuma sent the guys to install the CPE, and the installer confirmed that the connection was active. The "DBAM: OPS Specialist" I am corresponding with at Telkom asked me to inform her as soon as the installation was complete. I did so, and she responded...
  3. S

    Router for Telkom Fibre 40mbs?

    Hi, my router (D-link) was struck by lightning and need to replace. Any suggestions, I was told dual-band fibre router but no clue which one is best. House is very large
  4. R

    Existing Telkom fibre contract and changing address

    We have a 24 month fibre contract with Telkom in our gated community and are in the process of moving to another address. The new address has their own fibre ISP. What are my options in this case? Should I negotiate with the new buyer of my home to take over the existing Telkom contract? Can the...
  5. fundutzi

    Who do I contact for Layer 2 access using Telkom?

    Dear All, Does anyone here have a magic wand to contact a person in Telkom whom can answer if, how much, in what time frame Layer 2 access can be provided to a premise < 50 meters from the Exchange? Failing this what is the next best option. Tired of trying to ring and speak to a person...
  6. Justin.Tweedie

    Telkom Ripoff Fibre Prices

    Why is it that Telkom fibre prices are so much higher than other options available. Worse than that they limit the upload to half of the download. :cry: If you unlucky like myself our estate chose to allow OpenServe to implement fibre in our area rather than another supplier. Mostly because...
  7. W

    Fiber vs ADSL Teamspeak/Battlefield4 Disconnects

    Good morning everyone. I have a peculiar issue that i hope someone can assist with. Over the past 2 weeks i have been trying to help out a friend in Kimberley but with no success. The problem as follow: He upgraded his 4Mbps ADSL line to 10Mbps Fiber (Provided by Telkom, ISP for both...
  8. C

    When kenilworth capetown fibre?

    I see on telkom map my area in kenilworth cape town is light pink(fibre planned). Do you know what that means? When will i be able to get a fibre connection?