tesla powerwall

  1. Jan

    Tesla launches "Charge on Solar" function for Powerwall

    Tesla Powerwall gets new solar car charging feature Tesla has launched a new feature for its Powerwall backup power system that allows users to dedicate excess generation from their solar system to charging their electric vehicle (EV). According to TechCrunch, Tesla started testing the "Charge...
  2. Hanno Labuschagne

    Prices slashed on Huawei's Power-M inverter-and-battery banks

    Prices slashed on Huawei's Power-M inverter-and-battery banks Huawei South Africa has slashed the prices of its all-in-one Power-M inverter-and-battery backup systems by as much as R26,000. The price cuts were announced during the company's South African P60 Pro launch event in Kyalami on...
  3. Jan

    Backup battery brand roundup for South Africa - May 2023

    Best home battery brands in South Africa Batteries are essential to most backup power systems, and Dyness, PylonTech, BYD, Shoto, HinaESS, and Hubble are among the best available to South African residents. This is according to SolarAdvice marketing manager Sam Berrow, who told MyBroadband...
  4. Jan

    Michael Jordaan: Even Elon Musk cannot save Eskom

    Even Elon Musk cannot save Eskom — but private power will save South Africa Venture capitalist and former FNB CEO Michael Jordaan believes not even Elon Musk could succeed as Eskom CEO, and anyone willing to take the helm after André de Ruyter leaves would have to be "crazy".
  5. Hanno Labuschagne

    This explains why TFG is getting over 300 Tesla Powerwalls

    This explains why TFG is getting over 300 Tesla Powerwalls South African retailer The Foschini Group Ltd. lost 99,000 trading hours in the three months through September because of rolling blackouts. That’s more that four times the lost hours in the same period last year. [Bloomberg]
  6. Jan

    TFG has bought 307 Tesla Powerwalls, says its biggest customer in South Africa

    Foschini Group buys 307 Tesla Powerwalls to fight load-shedding Retail group TFG — which owns Foschini, Jet, @home, and a range of other well-known stores — has bought 307 Tesla Powerwalls to support its operations during load-shedding. The company ordered the first batch of 227 Powerwalls in...
  7. Jan

    Makro "Powerwall" supplier renames product after Tesla trademark warning

    Makro "Powerwall" gets a new name after Tesla trademark warning The company planning to sell a load-shedding backup system called "PowerWall" through Makro will rebrand it after an intellectual property expert raised concerns it would infringe Tesla's trademark. In a statement sent a day after...
  8. Jan

    Makro planning to launch "Powerwall" battery-and-inverter combo, except it's not Tesla

    Makro "Powerwall" is not from Tesla — and it could spell legal trouble Makro's plan to start selling a "Powerwall" product could land it in legal trouble with Tesla, which owns the trademark in South Africa. That is according to Barnard Inc. Attorneys senior associate, Stefaans Gerber.
  9. Jan

    Tesla Powerwall and Freedom Won home battery comparison

    Tesla Powerwall 2 vs Freedom Won Lite Home — Ultimate load-shedding battery battle With no end in sight for load-shedding in South Africa, many people are looking for backup power to carry them through the outages. Small backup systems like power trolleys and UPSes might be able to run a...
  10. Jan

    Tesla Powerwall in South Africa - prices and what it offers

    Buying a Tesla Powerwall in South Africa — pricing and load-shedding protection One option for South Africans looking to power their home or office appliances during load-shedding is the Tesla Powerwall. The second generation of the acclaimed backup battery system is highly popular in the US...
  11. Jan

    Tesla Powerwall availability and price in South Africa

    Tesla Powerwall — Price and availability in South Africa The Tesla Powerwall can help South Africans avoid load-shedding and save electricity. This is how much it costs and how it works.
  12. J

    Tesla Powerwall - The answer to load-shedding

    Tesla Powerwall - The answer to load-shedding During the recent return of load-shedding, many South Africans suffered extended periods without electricity. The national power grid remains under incredible strain, with the possibility of further power cuts constantly looming over residents.