1. LazyLion

    Bullets fly as police kill two alleged hijackers
  2. M

    Student arrested after finding mobile phone

  3. S closes, absconds with escrow money

    Customers were notified on 22 Oct 2008 that Thirt would be ceasing operations, and that payments from the escrow accounts would be "made within 4 days". Now it seems that Thirt has disappeared completely! Emails are not answered and has no content. Phone numbers...
  4. LazyLion

    FBI: Copper thieves jeopardize US infrastructure And I thought this was just a South African problem! :eek:
  5. DJ...

    Breaking News: Polite Burglars Steal DJK's potplant...

    Fsckers just tried to break into my place. They were half successful mind you. They used rubber mats to bend over my electric fencing and hopped over the 8ft pallisade with ease. They didn't however factor in the front laser beams being switched on, so as soon as they moved in the front yard...
  6. M

    Brits urged to leave sheds open for thieves

    More... Sounds like something Zuma will say.
  7. M

    Egyptian donkey jailed for theft

  8. LazyLion

    Free Tool to track your laptop when stolen...
  9. T

    Been a victim of mail theft? (particularly packages from overseas)

    I'm thinking of buying an item from an overseas dealer, and am just concerned about it getting stolen, especially in light of a recent article about SA residents Amazon packages being stolen. This package will not come from Amazon or any well known on line retailer, do you think the fact that...
  10. M

    Homeless man accused of swindling 13 women

    More... Finally a smart criminal :)