1. LazyLion

    72% of Banks Say Their Employees Committed Fraud! Original Source... The figure must be around 144% in South Africa!!! :rolleyes:
  2. Crusader

    How an intern stole NASA's Moon rocks

    I never even knew something like this happened.
  3. LazyLion

    Bullets fly as police kill two alleged hijackers
  4. S closes, absconds with escrow money

    Customers were notified on 22 Oct 2008 that Thirt would be ceasing operations, and that payments from the escrow accounts would be "made within 4 days". Now it seems that Thirt has disappeared completely! Emails are not answered and has no content. Phone numbers...
  5. LazyLion

    FBI: Copper thieves jeopardize US infrastructure And I thought this was just a South African problem! :eek:
  6. M

    Thief steals Thanksgiving dinner off woman's porch

  7. M

    Brits urged to leave sheds open for thieves

    More... Sounds like something Zuma will say.
  8. M

    Make life miserable for cellphone thieves

  9. M

    Mom allegedly used daughter's ID to be cheerleader

  10. LazyLion

    Free Tool to track your laptop when stolen...
  11. T

    Been a victim of mail theft? (particularly packages from overseas)

    I'm thinking of buying an item from an overseas dealer, and am just concerned about it getting stolen, especially in light of a recent article about SA residents Amazon packages being stolen. This package will not come from Amazon or any well known on line retailer, do you think the fact that...