1. S

    Architech advise

    Hi Guys, I need your opinion on the below, i have posted on gumtree that im looking for a domestic architect to deal with some renovations at home, these are making my double garage double story and removing the garages it will be a granny flat to be rented. I get contact by a guy (registered...
  2. S

    Afrihost theft and blatant ignorance.

    Dear Afrihost. Seeing as you steal money, I have decided to take legal action against you. Seeing as you don't care for your clients, and don't bother fixing this after 3 weeks, I have decided to return the favor.
  3. M

    Thieves carry 50-inch TV on motorcycle in Texas

    Thieves carry 50-inch TV on motorcycle in Texas
  4. M

    New Zealand man arrested for stealing human toes from dead body exhibit

    New Zealand man arrested for stealing human toes from dead body exhibit
  5. J

    Caught afrihost stealing data!!

    Hi Everyone, As a fist time poster, apologies if this is in the incorrect section. After signing up to afrihost mid April 2018. I have still not received access, after they have taken the money from my account (starting the day I signed, long before I received the router). I have still...
  6. H

    WASP's billing me without consent. Anyone else?

    Morning Guys and Girls. I was wondering how often this happens to people without them knowing. I get SMS's every now and then, for some subscription service or the other, but normally i just ignore them. So this morning I decided to see what this is all about, as it often states "Thank you...
  7. M

    Customer trapped in beer cooler overnight cited for drinking

    Customer trapped in beer cooler overnight cited for drinking
  8. D

    Data / SMS Theft!

    However I try to think of a reason, I am at a loss to understand the justification for the expiry concept. (Other than making money for nothing out of us) In my language, it is just plain theft. I buy a 'commodity' from a supplier and they take it away before I have finished using it . . ! I...
  9. G

    Help with Constructive Dismissal

    Good day all, Hoping some of you clever peeps can give me some ideas. My son worked for a small business from Dec 2016 till 19 Jul 2017. On 18 Jul 2017 his boss called him aside and told him he believes he stole money from the till. My son explained that as per the instruction the boss...
  10. skimread

    Documentary - A film student let a thief steal his smartphone with spyware loaded
  11. A

    Samsung Note 4 - HIT & RUN ! Need your considered opinions now please ?

    Hi all, :mad: Was being driven around by my 77 year old mom yesterday (joy! :sick:). Stopped in congested traffic outside the shopping centre, she opened the passenger window (my window) to let out the heat from being parked. My mom is ultra security conscious so it's probably a habit not...
  12. P

    Gate's intercom stolen from complex, again, again, again, what to do?

    Our gate's intercom has been stolen again, for the third time in so many months, while having three of those round hard locks on (they're gone too). Is there another solution out there for a complex (Smallish, 9 units)?
  13. skimread

    Why does bidorbuy not insist on laptop serials?

    I have been looking recently at bidorbuy and some sellers sell so many 2nd hand laptops daily for really cheap in these short 2 day auctions. On the items I checked they do list the market price but the items are typically sold for not even a 5th of the market value. When you google their...
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Cellphone store gang arrested

    Cellphone store gang arrested Five men have been arrested for allegedly robbing a cellphone store in Cape Town on Saturday
  15. W

    Armed Response and Alarms

    I live in Cape Town and recently noticed some dodgy characters that seems to be casing my joint. Yesterday they got as far 4 of them walking up to the wall with a rubbers stick and tapping on the neighbors electric fencing and my wall. Not sure why.. Anyway so this has spooked my family a bit...
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    Eskom employees arrested over transformer theft

    Eskom employees arrested over transformer theft Two Eskom employees have been arrested in Karen Park, Pretoria, for allegedly stealing six transformers with an estimated value of R650,000, police said on Friday
  17. Q

    ATM Fraud- Thief made away with R62,000.

    Help anyone that reads this. A friend was at the ATM using a visa card from the Cayman islands on Sunday. A fraudster came and they had a scuffle and he made off with the card. My friend called visa to cancel the card immediately, also calling back again to double check. Because the Cayman...
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    FPB employees fired for stealing porn

    FPB employees fired for stealing porn The Film and Publication Board has dismissed two employees after they tried to steal an unclassified pornographic movie, the organisation said on Tuesday
  19. B

    Have2Have a no show... What a Rip off. Help...

    So I ordered a computer component through Have2Have, an online store that ships products from overseas to SA. I wanted this product as I could not have gotten this product in SA. They recently sent out emails, to all customers with all outstanding deliveries etc. explaining that they are...
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    How criminals cost networks millions

    Damage vs reward: how crime costs networks millions Criminals are causing millions of rands worth of damage to telecoms networks, and leave you without service, often for only little reward