WASP's billing me without consent. Anyone else?


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Aug 11, 2011
Morning Guys and Girls.

I was wondering how often this happens to people without them knowing.

I get SMS's every now and then, for some subscription service or the other, but normally i just ignore them. So this morning I decided to see what this is all about, as it often states "Thank you for subscribing" etc etc.

Lets just get this out of the way. I have NEVER subscribed to WASP services. I dont SMS anything at all. I dont put my cellphone number on websites or any other place I dont trust.

Also my cellphone number is just about a year old, but I've been getting these SMS's since I've taken the contract with the network provider.

So this morning I google how to see if I have WASP services subscribed. I find that dialing *141*5# is a way to see. So I do this. Low and behold, I have active subscribed WASP's on my number. More than one.

How is this even possible? In my other cellphone I have a Telkom Mobile simcard, and they have a double opt in service for this, so I cant get subscribed without my consent. MTN, WHY?

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Apr 8, 2018
In the last few two weeks I've been in the same boat. Random sms telling me I've subscribed to 'Powerballpro' and another one I can't remember. So I deactivated them both two days ago. But this morning have been subscribed again!

This sort of stuff can make you go crazy, feels like my hands are tied.


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Sep 22, 2005
I have the same issue with Vodacom with Vodafone Live.

Couldn't get the money back, was a few hundred rand.

This actually fraud !


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Oct 19, 2007
My mother has the same issue. Data SMS, Soul Mate, Sexy Girls and Top wallpapers......

We unsubscribe today and tomorrow morning R100 airtime is gone all the sms about being subscribed again. Called 173 and the guy got cocky with me saying it's my phone so obviously we subscribed to it..... WTF

The list of refunds I requested with waspa is insane and NONE of the waspa could provide proof of subscriptions and refunded just for the money to be taken again instantly with another subscription.....

It gotten so bad that I told her to port out to Telkom Mobile....

MTN does NOTHING about it. You can't stop it and will end up losing thousands of rands.... If my mother was on an openline contract the damage would have been hectic.