1. F

    Trojan Treadmill

    Hi, I have a Trojan treadmill that broke underneath the belt. I am asking if someone wants to take it off my hands for free to repair and keep or can offer advise on how to dispose of it. Gauteng/Johannesburg/Bedfordview
  2. N

    Exercise bike + Pilate balls

    Item: Trojan Cycle Age: + 3 years Warranty: No Packaging: no Condition: second hand (barely used ) Location: Crown Mines, JHB Reason: Unused fitness equipment Shipping: Yes, for your cost and to arrange Collection: Yes, preferable Price: 1200.00 Link...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    New trojan can record your Skype conversations

    New trojan can record your Skype conversations A new trojan has the ability to avoid antivirus detection, steal files, take screenshots, and record Skype conversations.
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    U.S. government standards may enable NSA spying

    NSA spying through coding standards U.S. government standards for software may enable spying by the National Security Agency through widely used coding formulas
  5. M

    AVG anti-virus software mistakes Windows system file for a trojan

    Source :erm:
  6. QuintonB

    Watch out for Mac malware - have you been infected?

    Beware: Mac malware – have you been infected? Trojan already built a 600,000-strong botnet, according to Doctor Web
  7. ControlAltDelete

    Trojan messed up my admin account

    Hey guys i need a bit of help, their was around 374 viruses found on my PC (MALMWARE) and 2 trojans, all of them had been removed but it scared my pc, my default Administrator account is called "Admin", but the trojan some how changed my Administrator account (ADMIN) in to a normal standard...
  8. Everyones-a-Wally

    Flash media andpreventing autorun.inf malware

    After lots of head scratching, I have finally come up with my favourite method to prevent these annoying infections: There are two things to do: 1) Disable autorun. Autorun is a pain in the butt and very insecure. Copy and paste the text below into a file with .reg extension, then...
  9. jes

    Android smartphones targeted by new Trojan

    Android smartphones targeted by new Trojan Kaspersky Lab warns of a second Trojan-SMS specifically targeted at Android smartphones
  10. LazyLion

    Don't be a victim of Sinowal, the super-Trojan :eek:
  11. A

    Gigabyte files infected with trojan

    I downloaded a BIOS upgrade ( from the Gigabyte site that was infected with a trojan. ClamWin report: C:\Downloads\Drivers\Gigabyte K8N-SLI\motherboard_bios_ga-k8n-sli_f9.exe: Trojan.Agent-19508 FOUND...
  12. rpm

    Password stealing virus

    Password stealing virus
  13. LazyLion

    Spyware Doctor picking up a Trojan: Pophot something

    it is picking it up on all my computers that have Spyware Doctor installed. Have I been infected across the board... or is this a problem with Spyware Doctor?
  14. spacemuis

    Disable Windows auto-run for USB/Flash drives and stop trojans

    Hi, After battling a nasty trojan infection on an external drive that was shared between three laptops, I can recommend that you all consider disabling Windows' auto-run feature on external hard drives and USB flash drives. Wow! What a hassle - we relied on AVG's free antivirus which I now...
  15. M

    MP3 trojan doing the rounds

    MP3 trojan doing the rounds