1. K

    Where to Study?

    My goal is to eventually get a doctorate degree in theoretical physics, but for now I'm just starting toward an undergraduate BSc of Physics and Mathematics. I've applied to just about every major university in South Africa and so far I've heard back from two. The University of Pretoria has...
  2. B

    The University Thread

    About time we have a unified thread. For current uni students or even matriculants contemplating studying, who want some info :)
  3. H

    Bcom Informatics or BA information design at TUKS..Need Help

    I am currently doing Bsc IT at tuks second year(2016) and i have to repeat two COS modules (COS 110/121). I am really hating c++ programming and maybe programming in general. The reason i say maybe is because i also did INF 154/164 and it wasn't that bad. I am thinking about changing over to...
  4. D

    1'st year UP Electronic Engineering student here

    Hello all, My name is Dylan. I would just like to extend my humble greetings to all the members on this forum. This year I will be commencing my studies, towards a B.Eng in Electronic Engineering, at the University of Pretoria. Electronics design, computer programming/software development...
  5. W

    Know anyone who rewrote matric and got into engineering?

    Was working to pay for school during matric in 2005 and couldn't study much. Got a D for Maths and a C for Science, and 4 A's, one B for rest. Went off to study BA but have an intense passion for maths and medicine and have been doing NDip Clinical Engineering with Unisa as a hobby for 3 years...
  6. H

    Golden Key Society

    I received an email from Tuks yesterday saying I can become a member of the Golden Key Society. Now I do not know much about the society besides the basics. Is it worth it becoming a member? The biggest benefit is the bursaries and jobs aspect but does it really carry that much weight...
  7. K

    Mechanical Engineering Guidance Needed

    STUDYING ENGINEERING AT WITS VS. ENGINEERING AT TUKS, PROS AND CONS, GUIDANCE NEEDED Hi. Ive just registered to study mechanical engineering at WITS, im about to begin my first year in 2 weeks. Ive met a few other Wits students who made me doubt my decision alot.. i was told that majority of...
  8. T

    BIT vs. BSc IT

    Hey there guys im in grade 12 applying to varsity, more specifically University of Pretoria. I really want to do a BSc IT but accidentally switched my first choice (BSC IT) with my second choice (BIT) and im freaking out because i heard that BIT is super super difficult. :wtf: I really...

    Tuks student shot on campus

    http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/Tuks-student-wounded-in-campus-shooting-20120411 . Not quite as bad as people raved on about last night. I heard rumours a woman committed suicide after her graduation and such crap. Hope she will be okay.
  10. hawker

    Tuks Linux User Group

    Hey guys There is a Tuks Linux users group meeting tonight at 7pm. Venue: IT Building 2-24 (second floor - lecture hall 24.):D Tuks obviously being - UP (University of Pretoria). Its entrance is on the corner of Roper and Lynwood streets. So for those of you that are keen to attend you...
  11. T

    TENET + IE

    Add one part TENET, one part Internet exporer, shake it a bit and you get me wanting to blow my fscking head off. :mad: Slow is not even the word for it. Sigh. Tuks' internet has always been useless.

    De la Rey, De la Rey. Sal jy die Tukkies kom lei?

    Dr. Cheryl de la Rey has been appointed as Vise-chancelor and Principal of the University Of Pretoria in an "extraordinary" meeting today. http://m.24.com/content/FullArticle.aspx?aid=419c98cc-2853-4180-b3bb-547f1a2c5637&cat=South%20Africa&sh=South%20Africa