uber eats

  1. Hanno Labuschagne

    Uber reports third consecutive quarter with operating profit

    Uber reports third consecutive quarter with operating profit Uber Technologies Inc. reported gross bookings that beat analyst estimates, showing strong global demand for rides and food delivery during the holiday period. Gross bookings, which include delivery orders, ride hails and driver and...
  2. Jan

    Uber Eats to invest R200 million in three years on Gauteng township push

    Uber Eats investing R200 million on Gauteng township expansion Uber Eats will invest R200 million to expand its food delivery service to townships in Gauteng, with the aim of creating 2,000 jobs for delivery people and adding 700 more restaurants to its platform. The commitment forms part of a...
  3. Jan

    Uber rolls out robotaxis even as self-driving car hype wanes

    Uber launches robotaxis Uber Technologies Inc. is launching its first robotaxi service, reaffirming the company’s commitment for a self-driving taxi fleet even as the hype around autonomous vehicles fades. The San Francisco-based company is partnering with Motional, which is an autonomous...
  4. Jan

    ARB rules against Uber Eats for TV ad

    Uber Eats nailed for misleading TV ad The Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) has deemed an Uber Eats advertisement misleading in terms of the Code of Advertising Practice. According to the ARB report, Rina Hartzenberg brought the advertisement to the regulator, which she believes suggests that...
  5. Jan

    Uber Eats launches dagga deliveries in Toronto, Canada

    Uber Eats starts dagga deliveries in Canada On-demand courier service Uber Eats has launched cannabis deliveries to residents of Toronto, Canada. The company claims the offering is the first of its kind for a major third-party delivery platform.
  6. Jan

    Uber announces 5% increase for South African couriers, promises no price impact for customers or merchants

    Uber Eats increases courier earning rates — promises no price hikes for customers Uber Eats has increased the rates per kilometre earned by delivery drivers by 5% in South Africa, without price hikes to customers and merchants. Uber said it believes the rate change would positively impact...
  7. Jan

    Uber says there's no evidence attackers compromised sensitive user data

    Uber assures no sensitive user data was compromised during attack Uber says there is no evidence that sensitive user data was compromised during an attack that occurred on Thursday, 15 September 2022. The company also said its internal software tools are fully operational again after it shut...
  8. Jan

    Uber Eats gets permission for robots to start delivering food in the US

    Robots will start delivering Uber Eats Uber Eats is teaming up with autonomous tech developer Nuro in a partnership to deliver food using robots, Autoweek reports. The two companies signed a ten-year contract, and Nuro's latest robot will start delivering food to app users in Houston and...
  9. Jan

    Uber Eats, Mr D, and restaurant prices compared

    Uber Eats and Mr D vs restaurant prices — chicken noodle soup with a 106% markup Takeaway prices on food delivery apps like Uber Eats and Mr D are much higher than buying from restaurants directly. A MyBroadband analysis showed that customers could pay up to double the in-store price for...
  10. Hanno Labuschagne

    Church in Australia suspends using Uber over treatment of drivers

    Church in Australia suspends using Uber over treatment of drivers One of Australia’s largest Christian churches has indefinitely suspended staff from using Uber and Uber Eats over concerns about the ride-sharing platform’s treatment of drivers and delivery riders. The Uniting Church in...
  11. Jan

    Takealot disagrees with Competition Commission report, Google and Uber Eats promise feedback

    Takealot, Uber Eats, and Google respond to Competition Commission report Takealot.com says it does not agree with some of the Competition Commission’s provisional findings in its Online Intermediation Platforms Market Inquiry summary report. “We have and will continue to engage with the panel...
  12. Jan

    Competition Commission recommending huge ecommerce changes in South Africa

    Competition Commission recommends massive changes for Takealot, Google, and Uber Eats in South Africa The Competition Commission's Online Platforms Market Inquiry has published a provisional report with recommendations that could have severe ramifications for various online platforms in South...
  13. Jan

    Uber Eats bringing more unconventional partnerships to South Africa

    Uber Eats promises more "unconventional" options in South Africa Uber Eats plans to bring local customers more product variety by increasing the number of “unconventional merchants” available on its delivery service in South Africa. Such unconventional partnerships include Legends Barbershop...
  14. Hanno Labuschagne

    Uber Eats explains benefit of priority delivery option

    Uber Eats explains benefit of priority delivery option Uber Eats has started offering a priority delivery option that promises customers will receive their orders first when a driver has to make multiple stops. While the available drivers on the service are typically more than enough for each...
  15. Jan

    PPTA expects 30,000 strikers in e-hailing national shutdown

    30,000 strikers expected in Uber and Bolt national shutdown The Public Private Transport Association (PPTA) expects at least 30,000 drivers from Uber, Uber Eats, Bolt, Bolt Food, InDriver, and Mr D Food will partake in a national shutdown of e-hailing and app-based delivery services on...
  16. Jan

    E-hailing drivers planning national strike - including Uber, Uber Eats, and Bolt

    Uber and Bolt national shutdown planned for South Africa Disgruntled Uber, Bolt, InDriver, and DiDi drivers in South Africa plan to disrupt major roads and "critical institutions" as part of a three-day strike calling for e-hailing industry regulation. Private Public Transport Association...
  17. Jan

    UberEats vs MyBroadband food delivery race

    I raced UberEats to McDonald's and back — this is who won It would take you just about as long to drive and get your own McDonald's as it would by ordering via UberEats. Food delivery apps like UberEats and Mr D Food have surged in popularity in South Africa over the last few years.
  18. Jan

    Uber cuts Eats Pass price to R29.90

    Big Uber Eats Pass price drop for South Africa Uber has announced a significant price drop in South Africa for its food delivery subscription service, Eats Pass. The company sent an email to Uber Eats customers informing them that the monthly price of the Eats Pass has been cut from R50 to...
  19. Jan

    Competition Commission ecommerce inquiry public hearing slots announced

    Takealot's dominance in South Africa investigated — all the companies joining The Online Intermediation Platforms Market Inquiry (OIPMI) at the Competition Commission has released the schedule of participants for the public hearings to be on 2–19 November 2021. The Competition Commission...
  20. Jan

    Bolt Food wants to eat Uber's lunch

    Bolt Food gunning for Uber Eats with cheaper prices Bolt Food is taking the fight to Uber Eats and Mr D Food with an expansion from Cape Town into more major South African cities. Bolt Food country manager James Townsend-Rose recently spoke to MyBroadband about the platform’s plans in the...