1. Hanno Labuschagne

    One big thing that impacts crypto trading in South Africa

    One big thing that impacts crypto trading in South Africa Cryptocurrency trading activity in South Africa is heavily influenced by whether the price of Bitcoin is going up. This is according to three major local crypto exchange providers — VALR, Luno, and Altify.
  2. Jan

    VALR and Luno announce Pick n Pay bitcoin payment support via CryptoConvert

    Pick n Pay gets easier Bitcoin payments with VALR and Luno VALR and Luno have partnered with CryptoConvert to support Bitcoin payments from their apps at all Pick n Pay tills around South Africa. This comes after CryptoConvert announced in February that its CryptoQR platform was active at all...
  3. Jan

    VALR launches AVAX and SOL staking

    VALR launches Solana and Avalanche staking South African crypto exchange VALR has launched staking, allowing customers to earn up to 5.9% in additional coins on two cryptocurrencies. Staking lets cryptocurrency owners earn rewards in the form of additional crypto coins by contributing to the...
  4. Jan

    South African cryptocurrency exchange roundup - March 2023

    Top cryptocurrency exchanges in South Africa South Africans looking to invest in or trade cryptocurrency will find plenty of well-established crypto exchanges at their disposal. Despite what detractors say, Bitcoin and several other major coins have seen their values increase substantially...
  5. Jan

    Crypto asset service providers added to FICA "accountable institutions"

    South Africa starts regulating cryptocurrency exchanges Finance minister Enoch Godongwana has amended the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) annexure, designating crypto asset service providers as “accountable institutions”. The amendment takes effect on 19 December 2022.
  6. Jan

    Ovex terminates relationship with FTX for FSP licence

    FTX loses financial services licence access in South Africa South African cryptocurrency market maker Ovex has cancelled and removed FTX as a juristic representative, cutting off the international exchange’s access to its local Financial Service Provider (FSP) licence. “FTX is now unlicensed...
  7. Jan

    The Ballad of FTX and Binance

    High drama as two crypto titans clash — what it means for Ovex, VALR, Luno in South Africa In the cryptocurrency world, it’s called whale games. When two or more large players — “crypto whales” — try to outmanoeuvre each other, the collateral damage doesn’t seem to be a consideration. All that...
  8. Jan

    FSCA declares crypto assets a financial product

    South Africa declares cryptocurrency a financial product Crypto assets are to be treated as financial products in South Africa to make it easier for regulators to monitor the market and help to safeguard consumers. The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) defined crypto assets as "a...
  9. Jan

    Prudential Authority says SA banks refusing to work with crypto service providers is a bad idea

    South Africa's central bank makes huge announcement about cryptocurrency exchanges The South African Reserve Bank’s Prudential Authority has issued a guidance note to banks discouraging them from cutting off companies that offer cryptocurrency services. In a note signed by Prudential Authority...
  10. A

    VALR Deposits processing time

    Good day folks I made deposits into my VALR account from my standard bank account. The funds haven't reflected, despite the fact that its a standard to standard (VALR uses standard). Its been over 24 hours now. I mainly use ABSA as my main personal account and rarely use my standard one...
  11. Hanno Labuschagne

    South Africans buying cryptocurrency by the loads

    South Africans buying cryptocurrency by the loads While Bitcoin’s slump and bearish price action have caused a drop-off in South Africans buying cryptocurrency, the surge in users and trading volumes during the past year was astronomical. “We’ve seen a slight slow down in growth in Q1 2022...
  12. Jan

    South African tech companies raising billions in investment funding

    Billions flowing into South Africa's tech scene While many segments of South Africa's economy have been struggling to keep heads above water amid the Covid-19 pandemic, one has been flourishing — tech. Across the world, technology firms have generally benefitted from the disruption that came...
  13. Jan

    Michael Jordaan's best investment - and his smartphone of choice

    Michael Jordaan reveals his best investment — and which phone he uses Michael Jordaan is one of South Africa's most respected and successful businessmen — and for very good reasons. Under his tenure as CEO, FNB was named the most innovative bank globally, and it became the bank of choice in...
  14. Jan

    VALR raises R770 million, hits R3.7 billion valuation

    South African cryptocurrency exchange raises R770 million South African cryptocurrency exchange VALR announced that it had raised $50 million (R770 million) in the continent's largest-ever crypto funding round. Additionally, the value of the crypto exchange company reached $240 million (R3.7...
  15. Jan

    Bitcoin touches R1 million in overnight trade

    Bitcoin hits R1 million The value of bitcoin passed the R1 million milestone on South African cryptocurrency exchanges Luno, Valr, and AltCoinTrader in the early hours of Monday morning. It comes as the price of bitcoin surged overnight from under $62,000 to over $65,500.
  16. J

    Meet Farzam Ehsani - The CEO of VALR

    Meet Farzam Ehsani - The CEO of VALR Bitcoin will transform our current financial systems and eliminate segregation created by countries' borders. This is is the view of Farzam Ehsani, the CEO of South Africa cryptocurrency exchange VALR.
  17. J

    VALR exchange to launch ether-rand trading

    VALR exchange to launch ether-rand trading VALR announced that it is launching an ether-rand trading pair on its exchange at 11:11 on 11 July 2019. This will allow clients to buy and sell ether, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain, with South African rand. VALR said that its...
  18. J

    South African crypto startup almost lost foreign investment due to exchange controls

    South African crypto startup almost lost foreign investment due to exchange controls South Africa’s exchange control regulations almost cost local cryptocurrency startup VALR a significant chunk of foreign investment, CEO Farzam Ehsani has told MyBroadband. “We have raised a total of $1.55...
  19. J

    VALR to launch Ethereum and Ripple trading

    VALR to launch Ethereum and Ripple trading Trading platform VALR will launch Ethereum and Ripple trading on its platform, with the tokens available for purchase in rand. The new trading pairs will be available after the launch of VALR’s Bitcoin-rand trading pair, which launches on 11 June 2019.
  20. J

    VALR to launch Bitcoin trading in rand

    VALR to launch Bitcoin trading in rand Digital asset trading platform VALR is set to launch rand trading, allowing its customers to buy Bitcoin with rand. Trading will begin at 11:11 on 11 June 2019, and clients may begin funding their accounts from 4 June.