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    What is it and what is it worth?

    Got a original wooden propeller of plane. Having some trouble identifying the thing on the internet. It has a serial number and a date when it was crafted... Can anyone guess what it is? and what it's worth? Here are some pics ^
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    Range of Specials from Behemoth Technology contact us today!

    Specials from Behemoth Technology (only while stocks last) Satisfy your Need for Specials Follow the link to view our range of Specials : More Specials Behemoth Technology For further information regarding these products or any other products from B-Technology please don't...
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    Asus Full HD AH-IPS LED-backlit and Frameless Monitor

    Asus MX239H/MX279H Experience Full HD Follow the link to view our range of Monitors : More Monitors Behemoth Technology For further information regarding this product or any other products from B-Technology please don't hesitate to drop us an email at or...
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    Afrihost APN on MTN Post Paid/TopUp Contract

    How does one put the "afrihost" APN on a MTN contract SIM? I know this has been asked before, but im sure a new thread will help a lot for other users.
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    Big Boy bike: Superlight 200

    I'm new to the world of biking and I am looking for my starter bike. One day I saw the Big Boy Superlight parked at the gym and I could have swon it was a harley until close inspection revealed otherwise. Now I'm a fan of the sportster and Honda's V1300 but financially i am not willing to spend...
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    Best ASDL package for Skype

    Hi, I hope you could help me. No-one seems to have a good opinion about whether its better value for money to buy unshaped ADSL at a slower speed, or a faster, shaped speed. We want to put in ADSL for home, occasionally dial-in for work, and to make Skype video calls. From the three...
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    Where can I get great value for money on a new laptop?

    I'm looking to spend R8,000 to R9,500 on a new laptop and was wondering where the best value was to be had? Please, help me out as I am having to get this done soon (1 January) and might be forced to go to Incredible Connection and pick up an Atom processor at that price :D
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    Radeon 4850,5667.html Looking at those specs and the price, Im really considoring dropping Nvidia and going with ATI... If we're looking that card will retail for around R2500? Think I may pair an Intel CPU with this ATI... Best value for money? Or do...