1. R

    World of Warcraft - Classic (Vanilla)

    Some questions to the myBB gaming community in a poll. Feel free to elaborate on your choice or any opinions you might have, in a post below,
  2. D

    My experience getting gigabit fibre with Octotel and Vanilla

    Hi all, before I got my fibre I found it quite tricky to find the information I wanted about the process, speeds, etc on getting Octotel fibre, specifically the gigabit package. Now that I have it, I want to share the information with the forum just in case there are any others like me out there...
  3. Jan

    Cape Town's fibre network has attracted some big guns in SA telecoms

    Big players on Cape Town fibre network A number of large players in South Africa’s telecommunications sector have signed agreements to access the City of Cape Town’s network infrastructure.
  4. medicnick83

    BF2 refresher!

    Okay, so I decided to start playing BF2 again, but I can't remember alot of things. What are good keys to use? Like, I can't remember what I used the middle mouse button click for... suggestions, ideas please! Remind me about stuff I might have forgotten! gdiza...