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  1. S

    Trevor Noah rants about cellphone providers

    :D:D:D trevor noah is beyond brilliant! :love:
  2. T

    Account Problem SMS from Cell C WTF?????? 23 of them!!!

    I get this message from +27840001322 "There is a problem with your account. please contact your call centre on 140 for assistance. Cell C for yourself" 23 times now over and over for the past 5 hours :wtf: I'm not even on cell c? (virgin) gees anyone know whats going on? or who to call...
  3. T

    Virgin Mobile

    Virgin Mobile launched as South Africa's 4th mobile service provider in June 2006 as a joint venture between Virgin management and Cell C. By harnessing Cell C's extensive network infrastructure, Virgin Mobile says they can focus instead on giving customers great products and service. The first...
  4. S

    Nashua Surprise

    Have just finished porting my number to Virgin amid a few problems. So, on midnight 15 January 2010 my phone MTN (nashua) suddenly stops working. Very inconvenient. A few weeks before Virgin had attempted to port before my contract end and I got an SMS from Nashua threatining to bill me 4300k...

    Virgin Is Fscked

    For the past week Virgin Mobile has been tuning me that I don't have enough airtime to go on the internet, yet my account is at R15! Sometimes I can get on, but most of the time it's a living hell to even try.
  6. Rouxenator

    OOB Data : Vodacom cheaper Virgin mobile ?

    Has anyone ever wondered by the biggest and most advanced mobile data network in SA, Vodacom, is unable to offer OOB data rates below 60c/MB ? Afterall, the smallest mobile network in SA, Virgin Mobile, has been doing this for years now. Why is this ? What hurdles are standing in Vodacoms...
  7. rpm

    Virgin Mobile wants to pay your cellphone bill

    Virgin Mobile wants to pay your cellphone bill
  8. KingLuc

    Virgin Mobile iPhone voicemail settings?

    I have recently changed from MTN to Virgin and when i don't answer the phone, when it rings out, it just says "Call error" and the person calling isn't given the option to leave a message. Does anybody know the #number* combination that i need to type in to set it to go to voice mail, and...
  9. rpm

    Pay per second objection

    Pay per second objection
  10. rpm

    Virgin Mobile wants rules changed

    Virgin Mobile wants rules changed
  11. rpm

    Virgin Mobile continues growth

    Virgin Mobile continues growth
  12. B

    virgin data problems

    When i connect to the net with my virgin sim card using my vodacom 3g/hsdpa card it disconnect after about 5 minutes and both lights start to flicker fast and then tells me no sim found. if i roam on vodacom it disconnects every 10 minutes. This does not happen with my voda sim. Can anybody help